FEBRUARY 14, 1995

John Alexander
Julia Martin
Beth Picknally Camden
* Bernard Mayes
Mark Doherty
James McGowan
Wei Li Fang
* Tom Perrin
*Patricia Lampkin
William Randolph
Ann Loper
Richard Sealock

* indicates members absent

Colette Capone was the guest of the Council. She distributed a report of the state of the Budget in the General Assembly. Most reductions in the Governor's budget have been restored. There are some differences between the House and Senate version. The budget will not be finalized until the after the General Assembly adjourns on Feb 25 and the Governors signs or vetoes (30 days).

Centers have been targets of budget cuts for a number of years. The university has tried to keep them alive with the goal of them being self supporting. Currently the high priority is the Center for Liberal Arts. Some other Centers will need to do with less (i.e. reduce programs and/or lobby for additional funds).

Ms. Capone also distributed a summary of the state's response to our decentralization proposals. Many of these items have been folded into the self-study. There are three major areas: finance, procurement and personnel. In finance, we have been producing paychecks locally and will move to payment for goods and services locally. In procurement, we will be able to make sole-source purchases locally, and in some cases we may purchase off the state contract. In personnel, we will be developing a "cafeteria style" plan (involving employees in the process) and simplifying the state's leave policy for classified staff.

Part-time benefits were discussed. The hospital is now offering some benefits to part-time employees as an incentive to reduce the work force. Decentralization may allow an option for part-time employees to buy-into the group health insurance plan. The state has not approved QualChoice in its current form. A more structured version will be offered to all UVa employees as an option, at the same price as Key Advantage. UVa will study pulling out of the state health insurance program and moving to self-insurance.

Decentralization is a subset of the restructuring plan. Restructuring, on the academic side, focusing on better use of classroom space, including better scheduling, classroom improvements, and use of technology in teaching.

Old Business:

The nomination mailing was sent out to all General Faculty in the areas with vacancies. The return date is February 25. Beth Picknally Camden will collect the nominations and prepare the ballot.

John Alexander chaired the remainder of the meeting.

Committee on Policy:
The Council discussed the draft charge to the committee prepared by Julie Martin and Beth Picknally Camden. The wording was amended.

MOTION to approve the following charge to the Committee:
The ad hoc General Faculty Council Committee on Policy shall, upon request of Council, examine University and other policies that affect the members of the General Faculty and Professional Research Staff and recommend policy-related action to the Council. The Committee may create working groups to examine specific issues. The Council shall review the charge to the Committee after one year.

The motion was passed.

Professional Research Staff Policy:

Richard Sealock distributed the final revised version of the Professional Research Staff Policy. This revised policy has been distributed to depts.

Grievance Policy:

Richard Sealock has contacted the office of the Secretary of Education. The "statutory right to grievance" only applies to classified staff. The state does not guarantee this right for faculty.

General Faculty Handbook:

Julia Martin reported that this issue has been moved from the Provost's Office to the President's Office. She will continue to follow-up.

New Business:

Terms ending:

The last official meeting for those council members whose terms are ending is the March meeting. The new council members will not be in place until the April meeting. If possible, the retiring council members should attend the April meeting to ensure a good transition to the new group.

The minutes for January were approved.

Next meeting:
Tuesday March 14, 1995 1:00-3:00
McKim Hall room 3113

Send agenda items to Beth Picknally Camden by Friday March 10.