February 10, 1998

Members Present:
Ron Berube
Donal Day
Tom Dowd
Elizabeth Fortune
Rob Walker Freer
Karen Grandage
Graham Grove
Gail Gunter
Douglas Hurd
Joyce Pastors
Mary Smith
Wayne Smith
Danny Wilmer

Members Absent:
Dennis DeSilvey
Martin Hoard
Claire Kaplan
Jennie Moody

Also Present:
Suzanne Louis
Mair DeVoursney

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

1. Topic: Elections Committee Report:

Elizabeth reported that the response to the Call for Nominations for the 1998 elections were very disappointing. By the deadline, there had been 1 nomination for Administration, 0 for Arts and Sciences, 2 for Libraries, 0 for Hospital, 1 for Medical School and 1 for Other Schools.

It was decided to reissue the Call for Nominations and extend the deadline to February 27th. All Council members were asked to spread the word to their colleagues and encourage folks to run for the available Council seats.

2. Topic: Report from the Department of Human Resources:

The members of the Policy Working Group met with Tom Gausvik earlier today to learn more about the Department of Human Resources policies and procedures on general faculty. Mr. Gausvik told the Group that representatives from Virginia's 15 4-year institutions were considering and/or proposing changes in policies and procedures for "administrative faculty" (non-tenured and non-tenure-track faculty). He emphasized that these changes are only proposals and do not necessarily mean across-the-board reductions in salaries or benefits. The changes are being considered in the context of a review of the state classified system toward making state salaries more competitive with the private sector which has been proposed by the higher education community and the new Governor.

3. Topic: Professional Research Staff:

The issue of whether Professional Research Staff should continue to be represented by the General Faculty Council was discussed once again. Doug passed out a copy of the information pertaining to Professional Research Staff from the Provost's Web Page for all members to review for a discussion of the issue at the upcoming March meeting. Even though the Council and University have treated this group as part of general faculty, they do have some unique policies that apply only to them. For instance, no other general faculty member can accrue leave, but professional research staff can. Their policies seem to be a hybrid between classified staff and general faculty. The position of Research Assistant is the most unlike other general faculty.

4. Topic: Report from the Policy Working Group:

Joyce began a group review of the 1/08/98 draft of the Policy. This is the third Council draft to-date. After discussion of the "Introduction" section, Joyce made a motion to that we modify the current two categories of general faculty from "Academic" and "Administrative" to "Teaching/Research" and "Administrative/Professional." These categories would match those used by the Consolidated Salary Authorization Policy. Elizabeth seconded the motion. It was passed with all in favor.

It was agreed to make some minor changes to the "Term of Appointment" section under "Rank/Title" to reflect the changes just approved in the "Introduction" section (see previous paragraph).

The Council has accepted the changes to the "Standards for Notice" section that Bob DeVoursney recommended at the November, 1997 meeting.

It was agreed to add a new header for "Expectation of Continued Employment" in order to increase its visibility.

The review of the current draft of the "Policy on the General Faculty" will be continued at the next Council meeting in March.

6. Next Meeting: March 10th, 12:30pm - 2:00pm in Newcomb Hall, Room 389.

Submitted by Karen Grandage, GFC Secretary.