University of Virginia
General Faculty Council
Minutes: January 11, 2000 meeting


MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom Dowd – Other Schools, Trish Foley – Medical School, Elizabeth Fortune – Other Schools, Joe Gieck – Athletics, Abby Gillette – Other Schools, Brad Holland – Administration, Aaron Laushway – Student Affairs, Joyce Pastors – Medical School, Jane Penner – Libraries, Jan Redick – Medical School, Mary Smith – Engineering, and Betsy Tucker – Arts & Sciences


MEMBERS ABSENT: Susan Andrews – Administration, Donal Day – Arts & Sciences, Dennis DeSilvey –Medical School , and Nancy Garlick – Arts and Sciences


ALSO PRESENT: Chuck Callaghan, Robert deVoursney, Suzanne Louis and Lynda White


Jane Penner chaired the meeting


1. The minutes for the November and December GFC meetings were approved, with minor corrections to the December minutes.


2. Chair’s Report


a.      Jane Penner reported that a QualChoice representative had contacted her in response to an alert from a GFC member that the recent QualChoice enrollment forms had deleted most of the dental benefits and required the use of a mail away pharmacy.  The QualChoice representative stated that the mail order prescription plan is the same, only the provider has changed.  There was less clarity on the issue of dental benefits.  Jane will ask QualChoice  to clarify whether or not there have been any changes to dental coverage.


3. Trish Foley reported on the procedure for upcoming elections to the GFC.  The process will be:


a.      By the 1st week in February (with a 2-week response deadline), the Elections Committee Chair will send out a majordomo e-mail message to all general faculty announcing the council vacancies which exist.  A sample ‘Call for Nominations’ announcement is posted in the Elections Procedure section of the GFC website.  All nominations will be sent via e-mail to the Elections Committee Chair.  Send by Friday February 4, 2000.  Deadline for response February 18th.


b.      By the 3rd week in February (with a 2-week response deadline), the Elections Committee Chair will contact nominees to confirm their intent in serving on the council and to ask them to prepare a platform statement.  A sample platform statement is posted in the Elections Procedure section of the GFC website for nominees to review.  Platform statements will be sent via e-mail to the Elections Committee Chair. Contact nominees Feb. 21-25th.  Receive platform statements by March 8th.


c.       By the 2nd week in March, the Elections Committee Chair/Co-Chair will prepare and distribute ballots to each of the areas (i.e. School, College, Department) where a council vacancy exits.  A sample ballot is posted in the Election Procedure of the GFC website. The ballots will be distributed via e-mail (separate lists for each area can be developed using the majordomo e-mail list of all general faculty) to the appropriate general faculty constituents (e.g. medical school nominees to medical school general faculty).  Completed ballots will be returned by e-mail to the Elections Committee Chair within 2 weeks.  Send ballots by March 15th.  Deadline for submitting vote - March 24th.


d.      By the 4th week in March, the Elections Committee Chair will forward the election results to the Chair of the GFC.  The Chair will forward an e-mail message to the nominees who were not selected thanking them for their interest in the GFC.  The new council members will be contacted by phone or e-mail to announce the election results and to invite them to attend the April meeting of the GFC.  Results of the elections will be posted on the GFC website.  Results forwarded to GFC Chair March 29th. GFC Chair notifies all nominees of results and invites newly elected members to the April 11 meeting.


4.      During a conversation about the upcoming elections, Jan Redick made the following motion:  “Subject to any necessary revisions of the GFC Bylaws, the two currently vacant seats from the hospital be filled by ‘council members at large’ as part of the Spring 00 election.”  This motion was seconded and approved by voice vote of the GFC.


5.      Aaron Laushway gave the GFC a brief update about the negative impact on applications for admission caused by the recent controversy about minority enrollment practices at U.Va..  The GFC will continue to monitor and support the University Central Administration’s efforts to enroll a diverse student body and stands prepared to make a statement supporting those efforts if circumstances warrant.


6.      The remaining time was devoted to discussion of the draft of the proposed new Policy on the General Faculty (dated December 15, 1999).  The GFC agreed that the best way to begin the task of reviewing the proposed new policy was to work its way through the draft section by section.  As questions arise about language or intent, those questions will be forwarded to Alex Johnson, Vice Provost for Faculty Recruitment, and Kathy Reed, Associate Provost for Management, for written clarification.  There are also a number of issues that were not resolved during the lengthy discussions that led to the draft proposal, the so-called “parking lot issues”.  As these surfaced during the discussions they will need to be addressed and resolved.  This will be a slow, lengthy process and the GFC recognizes the high stakes involved in any revision of the existing Policy on the General Faculty.  The GFC, while looking for a “win-win” revised policy, will work diligently to protect the long-term interests of its constituents.   By meeting’s end several questions had surfaced.  These will be sent to Alex Johnson and Kathy Reed for their written response.  The discussion of the draft of the proposed new Policy on the General Faculty will continue at the February meeting.  As the discussion continues the GFC will continue to work under the existing Policy on the General Faculty,


7.      NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday, February 15, 2000, 12:30-2:00 pm.  Location: 389 Newcomb Hall

Submitted January 17, 2000
Tom Dowd, Secretary
General Faculty Council