JANUARY 12, 1994


* John Alexander
Ann Loper
Beth Picknally Camden
Julia Martin
* Mark Doherty
Bernard Mayes
Wei Li Fang
* Richard McGuire
* Patricia Lampkin
Bill Randolph
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

John Alexander had Ann Turner attend in his absence.

The minutes of December 8, 1993 were approved.


Election of Secretary - Julia Martin reported that the Council's secretary, Pam Bouchard, has resigned from the Council. Beth Picknally Camden was elected as secretary for the remainder of the year.

Spring election - A spring election will be held to fill the vacancy on the Council. Pam Bouchard represented the Hospital (including University Hospital, Blue Ridge Hospital, KCRC and related areas). An immediate call for nominations will be issued through the Council's newsgroup (uva.generalfaculty), the hospital newsletter and messenger mail, if possible. Bill Randolph will chair the elections committee for this election. Nominations will be gathered by Feb. 8. The ballot will be mailed shortly after our February meeting, with 2 weeks allowed for returns. The mailing to all General Faculty members for the approval of the by-laws will not be merged with the election mailing.


Subscribing to the GFC electronic newsgroup - John Alexander was not present to give instructions on subscribing to our electronic newsgroup "uva.generalfaculty". He did send instructions on e-mail.


By-laws - Additional suggestions for changes to the by-laws were presented and discussed. Minor corrections were made.

MOTION by Ann Loper to approve the amended by-laws as our working document until approved by the General Faculty. Second by Wei Li Fang. Approved.

Terms of office - Ann Loper suggested that in order to create staggered terms in office, the Council will need to determine which of its current members will have two year terms, and which will have three year terms. She asked for input on what method we should use to determine this.

General Faculty Handbook - Beth Picknally Camden's proposal to look into developing a handbook for the General Faculty was discussed. The Council agreed to support this project. Picknally Camden will chair an ad hoc committee and will solicit volunteers from the General Faculty, aiming for a broad-based group representing various areas of the university.

Research grants - Richard Sealock reported that he is still investigating research grants for the Professional Research Staff. He is gathering input from Researchers on problems with the current system.


Meeting schedule for the spring semester - The Council will continue to meet at the same time for the spring semester: on the 2nd Wednesday of the month 1:00-3:00.

Other new business

-Richard Sealock reported that the budget proposal from Gov. Wilder has eliminated funding to several of the Centers at the University. This will have an adverse effect on many General Faculty positions. The Council will monitor the situation and take action as needed.

-Beth Picknally Camden asked whether any follow-up had taken place on the pilot project to re-structure General Faculty salaries. Julia Martin will follow-up with Mr. Sandridge.

-Beth Picknally Camden suggested that the Council prepare a letter of introduction to the acting Provost. Julia Martin and Ann Loper will draft a letter.

-Beth Picknally Camden questioned whether the proposal for independence of the University Hospital would have an impact on General Faculty. The Council will monitor the situation and take action as needed.

Next meeting:
Wednesday February 9, 1994 1:00-3:00
Vice President's Conference Rm., McKim Hall, Rm. 3001

Send agenda items to Ann Loper or Julia Martin by Feb. 2, 1994