JANUARY 10, 1995

John Alexander
Julia Martin
Beth Picknally Camden
* Bernard Mayes
* Mark Doherty
James McGowan
Wei Li Fang
* Tom Perrin
Patricia Lampkin
William Randolph
Ann Loper
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

The minutes for December were approved.

Kathy Reed and Bob Henderson were the guests of the Council.
K. Reed gave an overview of the history of the Policies on General Faculty. Both the 1987 Policy and the Guidelines for General Faculty Staffing Due to Financial Stringency were originally developed by representational groups of General Faculty.

Since these policies have been issued, questions of interpretation and clarity have been dealt with on an ad hoc basis by Kathy Reed, Bob Henderson and others. They have been working, very informally, over the last few years to make these documents more internally consistent, to clean-up and clarify the language and to incorporate other policies which have been issued since then (eg. the family leave policy). This is not a major rewrite of the General Faculty policy. K. Reed indicated that the General Faculty policies should be included in the faculty manual "in their fullness".

The grievance policy is not included in the informal review, and they would welcome any efforts the Council wishes to make to review this policy.

The review of the Policy on Professional Research Staff has not been finalized. They are still working on the issues of leave. If they change to a leave model similar to faculty, they need to deal with leave which has been accrued.

K. Reed addressed the issue of part-time benefits:
Decentralization may give us new ways of dealing with this issue, but there are costs involved. The Council can give feedback on this issue to the Benefits Committee.

Old Business:

General Faculty Policy:

The Council discussed the information presented by K. Reed and B.Henderson, and how we might work on some of the issues.

MOTION: Julia Martin moved:
To form a Policy Committee for a period of twelve months, chaired by a member of Council, and reporting to the Council.

The motion was passed. The Council will used e-mail to refine the charge to the Committee, and to gather volunteers for the position of chair. Ann Loper was nominated for this position by J. Martin

Faculty Governance:

Bill Randolph distributed a letter he has written to Dan Larson, Chair of the Faculty Governance Committee, discussing the overlap in representation between the Council and the Constitution of the Faculty Senate. The consensus was that although some of our constituents may feel more aligned with the Faculty Senate, the Council might better represent their interests.

Meeting time:

The Council agreed to keep meeting on the second Tues of the month for the remainder of the semester.
[Update: McKim Hall room 3113 has been schedule for all the meeting through June. Please note that this is a room change].

New Business:


The schedule for elections starts in January per the by-laws addendum. Bill Randolph, John Alexander, Jim McGowan and Li Fang volunteered for the Elections Committee. Calls for volunteers will be distributed in both paper and electronic form.

Next meeting:

Tuesday February 14, 1995 1:00-3:00 McKim Hall room 3113

Send agenda items to Beth Picknally Camden by Monday February 13.