January 14, 1997

Members Present:
Rob Walker Freer
Virginia Germino
Douglas Hurd
Jennie Moody

Members Absent:
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Karen Grandage
Graham Grove
Dearing Johns
Claire Kaplan

Also Present:
Julia Guill - a new member of the general faculty who wanted to find out more about the GFC
Suzanne Louis - a representative from the WFPA
Joyce Green Pastors - a representative from the WFPA

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

1. Topic: GFC Membership

We had discussion regarding the need to identify termination dates of current members. Virginia believes her last meeting will (should) be March 1997. We need to identify when membership expires for all coming vacancies, and we discussed the need to anticipate these term endings so that we can get ballots out in advance of people rotating off the Council.

Action: The GFC Secretary will add membership dates on the "List of Members" available on the GFC Web Page. It will be the Secretary's responsibility to give several months notice to the Chair when terms are expiring, so that new elections can be held.

2. Topic: Elections Report

Doug presented a report on the status of the Elections. Two new members are Gayle McDaniel, representing Student Affairs and Danny Wilmer, representing Athletics. Neither of the new members were able to attend the January meeting. They are planning to attend the February meeting, and the GFC Forum sponsored by the WFPA next week.

Action: It was decided that we should announce the open seats for the GFC Council at the Forum next week.

3. Topic: GFC Forum

Doug briefed us on his presentation which will include the following: introduction of current GFC, call for nominations for unfilled or expiring seats, discussion of accomplishments or active issues (e.g., part-time benefits, Policy Committee, delayed pay).

4. Topic: Delayed Pay

Resolution of this previous problem seems complete. Doug read a copy of the press release by Representatives Walker, Chinchester and Dickinson detailing the new plan, which seemed to address all the concerns raised by the Council in its letter to University Administration.

5. Topic: General Discussion

This concluded our formal agenda items, and we continued with a brief discussion about the need for orientation of new members to the general faculty (it was apparent that our new gf visitor, like many other new general faculty members. had not received any orientation to her position other than the routine meeting with staff of the Benefits Office).

6. Next Meeting: February 11, 1997, in Peabody 110, 1:30 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Submitted by Jennie Moody, Acting GFC Secretary.