January 13, 1998

Members Present:

Donal Day
Dennis DeSilvey
Thomas Dowd
Elizabeth Fortune
Rob Walker Freer
Gail Gunter
Jennie Moody
Joyce Green Pastors
Doug Hurd
Karen Grandage
Mary Smith
Wayne Smith

Members Absent:
Ronald Berube Graham Grove
Martin Hoard
Claire Kaplan
Danny Wilmer

Others Attending:
Suzanne Louis
Patricia Foley
Bob DeVoursney

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

1. Topic - Election Committee Report:

Elizabeth Fortune, Chair of the Elections Committee, passed around an updated list of general faculty divided by Council representative assignment. The list also includes email addresses for the general faculty. This should make it easier to compile the email news groups that the Council is using to communicate with constituents. The question came up about whether the Council should include professional research staff in the current elections. Out of the approximate 1800 general faculty, 400 are professional research staff.

A discussion ensued about where professional research staff should be represented. There are some who feel that they should have their own representative body or have a designated seat that represents only them within the Council.

It was decided that there was not enough time to properly look into this issue before the elections, so professional research staff would be included in the election process as usual.

Elizabeth reported that the Elections Committee plans to recruit aggressively for new Council members. They will announce the elections in Inside UVa, Cavalier Daily, at the WFPA Forum and through email. The next elections will be for 7 Council seats.

The Call for Nominations and the Ballots will be distributed by email. Doug will work with each Council member to make sure they have an email list established.

2.Topic - WFPA Forum:

The WFPA will be hosting their "4th Annual Forum on the General Faculty" on January 20th in the Cavalier Room in Newcomb Hall at 12:00 Noon. A notice will be sent to all general faculty by email. Guests invited to the Forum include Provosts Peter Low and Robert Cantrell, Executive Vice President Leonard Sandridge, and members of the General Faculty Council. Doug will give an overview of the Council's accomplishments. The VPs will then respond to questions and participate in a discussion of general faculty issues with the audience.

3. Topic -Pay Equity:

A photocopy of an article from The Daily Progress was handed out concerning the issue of pay equity for men and women in academia. The National Survey, co-written by a UVa researcher, found that female full-time non-tenure track professors in American colleges and universities earn less and publish less frequently than their male peers.

4. Topic - Revisions to the Policy on the General Faculty:

The small group working on the revisions are waiting for the WFPA Forum before moving forward on the current draft. They plan to incorporate the administrative and constituent feedback that may come from that Forum into the Policy. The small group has been meeting weekly since Thanksgiving.

5. Next Meeting:

The Council's next meeting will be Tuesday, February 10 from 12:30 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.
in Newcomb Hall, Room 389.

Submitted by Karen Grandage, GFC Secretary.