JULY 13, 1994


John Alexander
Julia Martin
Beth Picknally Camden
* Bernard Mayes
Mark Doherty
* James McGowan
Wei Li Fang
Bill Randolph
Patricia Lampkin
Richard Sealock
Ann Loper
* indicates members absent

The minutes of June 8, 1994 were approved.


By-laws addenda:

J. Alexander presented a new draft of the By-laws addenda. Discussion of the draft focused on re-allocation of the Council seats to reflect the numbers of constituents in each area. The proposal suggests merging the Centers with the Libraries under one representative, and adding one representative for the School of Medicine. J. Martin raised concerns from her constituency that the two groups are fundamentally different, and suggested that a better merger would be between the Centers and Other Schools. Several other options were proposed. Council members should fax additional suggestions to B. Randolph, and we shall consider several options before voting next time.

Domestic Partners Benefits:

B. Randolph reported on a letter from Peter Low in response to our Motion on Domestic Partner Benefits. This issue has been sent to the Faculty Benefits Committee for consideration and recommendations on appropriate action.

General Faculty terminations:

B. Randolph reported on a e-mail response from Leonard Sandridge on the rumors of General Faculty layoffs. He has indicated that these rumors are unfounded. Bill will follow-up with additional questions.

Election for Athletics representative:

J.Martin reported that the election for the Athletics representative is underway. Two candidates are on the ballot. [UPDATE: Tom Perrin, Assistant Basketball Coach, has been elected to represent General Faculty in Athletics.]

Standards for Notice of termination:

R.Sealock reported that Anda Webb of the Provost's Office has been working on revisions to the policy on Professional Research Staff. This revision is 90% complete, but they are interested in our input. Richard will send copies on to the Council, and all feedback should be sent to him. He has already prepared some suggestions for additions and changes, including a standard for length of the notice of termination.


Orientation packet for new faculty:

A.Loper reported that Robin O'Bryant of the Provost's Office has invited the Council to submit information for the welcome packet for new faculty. The Council agreed to include an updated version of the information sheet which was sent to all General Faculty in our Bylaws mailing.

Council Budget:

B.P.Camden requested an update on the budget for the Council for the new fiscal year. B.Randolph reported that we started the 93/94 fiscal year with $2500. Expenses included photocopying, temporary help, and lunches. $1473 remains in the budget, and this will roll-over into the new fiscal year.

Next meeting:
Wednesday August 10, 1994 1:00-3:00
Vice President's Conference Rm., McKim Hall, Rm. 3001