JULY 11, 1995


Beth Picknally Camden
* Virginia Germino
*Shawn Campbell
* Dearing Johns
James Clack
* Ann Loper
* Mark Doherty
James McGowan
Colleen Fitzpatrick
William Randolph
Hilton Fowler

* Indicates Members Absent

Due to Absence of quorum, June 13 Meeting minutes approval was tabled.

Bill Randolph opened discussion, in absence of a quorum, at 13:25.

Old Business:

Election Selection Process:

Bill Randolph provided for Council list of current faculty as guide to defining constituencies for Council members. Discussion included recent resignation of Richard Sealock for Arts and Sciences. In absence of quorum and due to summer session, this vacancy will be acted upon at the September Council meeting.

WFPA Invitation:

Bill Randolph notified those present that he has accepted, on behalf of the Council, an invitation to a gain speak at the January meeting of the Women's Faculty and Professional Association.

Benefit Letter:

Bill Randolph reported than, as directed at the June Council meeting, he had directed a letter to Tom Gausvik, Chief Human Resources Officer, specific to general faculty awareness of contribution opportunities into a 403-1B account. James Clack noted that a general mailing had recently been directed to all General Faculty explaining how to contribute into a 403-1B account.

Part-Time Benefits:

Bill Randolph reviewed a letter recently from Leonard Sandridge specific to part-time benefits. Mr. Sandridge welcomed opportunity to work with various groups on this issue. General discussion followed specific to methods to provide input on behalf of General Faculty. James Clack noted that he would volunteer to represent the Council in such an effort.

New Business:

Current/Recent GFC Issues:

James Clack asked, as a new member, what specific issues the GFC is currently working on or has recently completed. He stated that in order to better support those General Faculty he represented, that this information would help him in his communication efforts with his constituency.

Beth Picknally Camden responded that a major GFC initiative has been clarification of the Grievance Policy which is currently being handled by the Policy Committee. Bill Randolph added that steps to bring clarification within the handbook for General Faculty had been another initiative. Beth suggested that she direct a copy of a constituency survey, previously completed, which helped the GFC identify major issues to address. In response to a final question relating to faculty status, Beth Picknally Camden described the three current levels of lecturer and some associated history.

Discussion ceased at 14:10.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 12, 1995 at 1300

Peabody Hall, Room 110.

James E. McGowan, Recorder