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University of Virginia General Faculty Council (GFC)


Minutes: Tuesday, June 11, 2002 Time: 12:00 -1:30 p.m.

Room 389 Newcomb Hall


Members Present: Lynda White, Rosie Dunn, Bill Keene, Lotta Lofgren, Jann Balmer, Ellie Wilson, Chris Milner, George Hashisaki, Elaine Banner, Phil Gates, and Robbie Greenlee.


Members Absent: Mary Abouzeid, Donal Day, Frank Butros, Barbara Millar, Jennifer Bauerle, James Freeman, and Carol Hunter.


Meeting was chaired by Lynda White


  1. Minutes of November and December 2002 were approved by default. Suggested changes had been made and several Council members who attended those meetings are no longer Council members. Minutes were approved for May 2002.


  1. Lynda thanked Ellie W. for coordinating the GFC reception for new and departing members. She thanked Frank Butros for his leadership in setting goals for the Council, and Jann Redick for a fine job during her long tenure as the GFC Secretary.


  1. General introductions were made by all GFC members.


Committee Assignments:


Lynda handed out an outline of GFC Committee members and tasks.


Communication Committee: This committee is already a standing committee according to the by-laws. Chris Milner volunteered to work on GFC web site and be major-domo for the listservs. Robbie G. volunteered to be on the Communication Committee.


Policy Committee: Bill K. agreed to continue to chair this committee with the assistance of Lotta, Ellie, and Lynda. Frank B. will be asked if he still wants to be part of the team. Bill briefed members concerning two initiatives: 1) Revising GFC Policy 2) Policies on research faculty. Bill stated he would send out a draft copy of the policy for members to review (e-mail and attachment was sent 6/12/02). Bill stated the policy needs to be a document that people can really understand and interpret.


Data Collection: James Freeman will continue to Chair. Elaine B. and Chris M. also volunteered to assist.


Elections: Ellie W. will continue to Chair. George H. and Elaine B. volunteered to assist.


By-Laws: Jann B. and Phil G. volunteered to be on this committee. Lynda will send out an e-mail asking for more volunteers.



Chair's Report


Lynda encouraged Council members to read the by-laws. GFC meetings are open. Constituents can attend except for executive meetings on personnel matters.


Budget: Total $4,200.00. Projects can be funded with this budget as needed.


GFC meeting time and place was agreed upon as 2nd Tuesday of every month, from 12-1:30 p.m. in Newcomb Hall. The by-laws requirement is a total of 10 meetings per year. Next GFC meeting is planned for August 2002.


Lynda will ask Frank for an update concerning the GFC Rewards and Recognition Program.



Committee Reports


Policy Com:

Bill K. gave a brief update to Council members concerning the response from the Provost Office. Basically, the committee is still waiting for a formal response. Bill's inclination is to present issues to Paul Forch, Office of General Council. Perhaps, Council should also have a lawyer from the Law School to represent the Council, such as an expert in Contract Law.


Next step will be to follow-up with Gene Block. Bill K. will also copy Paul Forch and will look into finding a lawyer to represent our Council. Lynda will invite Gene Block for our October 2002 meeting and possibly Leonard Sandridge later in the year.



Jann B. reported that a GFC brochure is under development in response to a request for an insert in the new faculty packet. She will e-mail the text for members to review and provide input as needed.


Data Collection:

Lynda and Jim were going to survey UVA GF this summer, however because the Oracle Human Resources module will not be ready until Sept 26, this will probably be delayed until October 2002. Jim is revising the survey for further review by the Council.




GFC Archives:

Lynda stated she has contacted the University Archived about accepting the GFC files but has not heard back.


Housing Benefit:

The Employee Council is working on a mortgage subsidy benefit. Lynda would like to the Council to consider this benefit since she believes it was lost in 1987. Bill K. suggested we should first determine whether the General Faculty still has this benefit or not. Lynda will verify this.


Additional schools:

George H. asked about getting more representatives for other schools. Lynda suggested that the By-laws Committee look into this or into redistributing the Council members that we already have among the various areas represented.


Meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m.


Next meeting is schedule for August 13, 2002.






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