JUNE 8, 1994


John Alexander
Julia Martin
Beth Picknally Camden
Bernard Mayes
* Mark Doherty
* James McGowan
* Wei Li Fang
Bill Randolph
* Patricia Lampkin
Richard Sealock
* Ann Loper
* indicates members absent

Cindy Sanborn represented Wei Li Fang. Alison Montgomery represented Patricia Lampkin.

Since a quorum of members was not present, no actions requiring a vote were taken.

The minutes of May 11, 1994 were approved.



Results of the bylaws ballot and survey:
B.P.Camden reported that over 1500 ballots were mailed and 142 ballots were returned: 140 were in favor of the bylaws; 1 was opposed; and 1 was a non-vote. A.Loper assisted in the tabulation of the ballots and survey. A summary of the survey results will be attached to these minutes. About half of those returning the survey also volunteered to work on Council subcommittees. B.P.Camden will follow-up with all volunteers.

Size of the Council/bylaws addenda:
J.Alexander re-opened the question of the size of the Council, which was discussed briefly at our last meeting. The sense of those present was that we may want to grow in the future, but that we did not want to address the size question before approving the Bylaws Addenda. We will vote on the bylaws addenda at the next meeting.

Notice of termination:
R.Sealock reported on additional information from Kathy Reed of the Provost's Office, regarding whether a notice is given if the funding for a position runs out. For General Faculty, letters of appointment are considered contracts, and the University will honor that contract until the end of the appointment period, giving notice as written in the policy. However, some letters of appointment include the phrase "subject to the availability of funds". This phrase would override the policy. For Professional Research Staff, the written policy only addresses what happens when funds run out; there is no written policy for a standard period of notice in other situations. R.Sealock will draft a new policy for discuss at the next meeting.

R. Sealock also noted that per Kathy Reed the policy for Professional Research Staff was being revised. He will follow-up with her and suggest that the Council be included in the revision process.

Cindy Sanborn asked what the Council had done to follow-up on the closing of the Commonwealth centers, and suggested that we bring all Center directors together to work with the University lobbyist to help restore funding. J. Alexander pointed out that the Center were originally established with the intent that they be self-supporting after five years, by seeking outside funds. R.Sealock will gather information on the University lobbyist. He will also send a new draft of his letter to the Council on e-mail for discussion.

John Alexander replaced Bill Randolph as chair for the remainder of the meeting.

Election for Athletics representative:
J.Martin reported that the nominee for the Athletics vacancy had withdrawn her name when the ballot was in preparation.

A call for nominations will be sent to all General Faculty in Athletics.


Strategic planning:
J. Martin suggested that we find out how the Faculty Senate is involved in the University strategic planning process.

The Council agreed that we need to establish a regular liaison with the Faculty Senate and perhaps work jointly on projects. B.Randolph will contact the chair of the Faculty Senate.

On a related issue, B.P. Camden suggested that the Council should contact Polly McClure to determine how we could become involved in the restructuring plan being developed this summer. She will follow-up for the next meeting.

General Faculty terminations:
J. Martin reported that she has heard rumors that General Faculty positions were being eliminated due to restructuring. Other Council members have also heard these rumors.

The Council agreed that we could not take any action without concrete information. We will do some informal follow-up to see if we can gather any real information.

Policy on Council absences:
B.P.Camden reported on concerns that she and Li Fang have heard from constituents regarding regular absences of Council members. J.Alexander expressed concern about our ability to have a quorum at meetings in the summer months. He will follow-up with the Council on e-mail. B.P.Camden will prepare a list of Council absences and send to all Council members.

Next meeting:
Wednesday July 13, 1994 1:00-3:00 Vice President's Conference Rm., McKim Hall, Rm. 3001

Send agenda items to Beth Picknally Camden by July 6, 1994


Report on the GFC survey - May/June 1994

1. To which category of General Faculty do you belong?

Administrative and Professional General Faculty: 83
Academic and Research General Faculty: 47
Professional Research Staff: 2
Uncertain or no answer: 9

2. What issues should be addressed by the Council in the 1994/95 session?