June 11, 1996

Members Present:

Colleen Fitzpatrick
Rob Walker Freer
Virginia Germino
Karen Grandage
Graham Grove
Douglas Hurd
Jennie Moody

Members Absent:

Dearing Johns
Claire Kaplan

Also Present: Colette Capone, Suzanne Lewis, Joyce Green-Pastors

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

The minutes from the May 14, 1996 meeting were reviewed and approved.

1. Topic: Report on Benefits for Part-Time Employees

Colette Capone, Vice President for Management and Budget, attended the meeting upon the GFC's request, to discuss the draft report on extending benefits to part-time UVa employees.

The two aspects studied by this report are (1) the strategic human resources issue and (2) the financial considerations of adding a program such as this.

Strategic Human Resources Plan

Colette indicated that it is not clear whether extending benefits to part-time employees is in the University's best interests at this time from a strategic standpoint. There has never been a management survey done asking them about the effects of part-time staffing. Human Resources is still developing its strategic plan and part-time benefits would have to fit into a larger mission. Human Resources would like to hold discussions with focus groups as part of their strategic planning process.

Financial Considerations

There are currently 289 salaried part-time employees across all funding sources in the academic departments and health sciences (this excludes the Medical Center employees). The definition of part-time for this study is more than 20 hours, but less than 40 hours per week. The estimated cost of extending benefits (including health, life, disability and retirement) to this population would be 1 1/2 million dollars. Before a program could be approved, funding would have to be secured from the state. In addition to additional funding from the State, it would also be necessary to obtain funding from others involved with grants or contracts.

In summary, Collette reported that there is not adequate support at this time from management for extending benefits to part-time employees. The support would be different for its priority if it were a revenue neutral issue. The report is meant to be an overview and concludes that the issue will continue to be looked at and studied. Human resource strategic planning will be on-going and future decentralization of the University could, as a process, free the University to pursue this differently.

While answering questions, Colette indicated that HR may be considering a flexible benefits package for full-time employees. The members of the General Faculty Council issued their strong support for an extension of the University's health care package to part-time employees at their own cost, but at the group rate.

Doug indicated that he knew that the President had not yet seen this report, but that it had been shared with the Benefits Committee because they are a Presidential Committee.

2. Topic: Report on Reapportionment

Robb discussed his latest efforts to even out the number of departments assigned to each GFC representative prior to the election of new representatives. Rob's report is a vast improvement in refining representation and the members voted to accept it. He asked for permission to continue to tweak the numbers to see if he can get them any closer, and all present members agreed.

There was further discussion about possible plans for establishing a communications protocol for each GFC member with their constituents. The goal for the election of additional members and assignment of members to Departments is to improve the flow of information to and from the General Faculty Council, in order to make it more representational and effective

Action: An action plan for achieving this will be developed in subsequent meetings.

3. Topic: Report from the Elections Committee

Colleen reported that she and Claire are ready to send out the call for nominations for the 3 vacant GFC positions. The ballots are prepared and ready to go. They still hope that the election for adding members to the newly created spots will be done in the Fall.

Action: Discussion ensued about the elections process, and it was decided that all nominees should hear back personally after the election results are complete. In the past, apparently only the winners received personal notification.

4. Next Meeting: July 9, 1996, in Peabody 110, 1:30 -3:00 P.M.

Several members have told Doug that they will not be available for a July meeting. Doug will decide if attendance will be low enough to cancel the July meeting, and he will let members know prior to July 9th.

Submitted by Karen Grandage, GFC Secretary.