January 13, 1999

President’s Council
University of Virginia
Madison Hall
Charlottesville, VA 22901

John T. Casteen, III, University President
Leonard W. Sandridge, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Robert W. Cantrell, M.D., Vice President and Provost for Health Sciences and Chief Executive Officer,  U.Va. Health System
Peter W. Low, Vice President and Provost
Gene D. Block, Vice President for Research and Public Service
Colette Capone, Vice President for Management and Budget
William W. Harmon, Vice President for Student Affairs
Polley Ann McClure, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Robert D. Sweeney, Vice President for Development
M. Terry Holland, Director of Athletic Programs
L. Jay Lemons, Chancellor, Clinch Valley College

Dear Sirs and Madams:

After discussions taking place over a period of several months the General Faculty Council has passed the attached resolution concerning the issue of poverty level wages paid to some University employees. We hope that passage of this supporting resolution may contribute in some small way to the broad University effort to increase the wages of the lowest paid University employees.

 "The General Faculty Council of the University of Virginia has adopted the following resolution:

We call on the administration of the University to make sincere and vigorous efforts to increase the wages of the lowest paid employees of the University. It is critical that the University remains active in protecting the interests of all their employees.

We are encouraged by the dialog that the University has undertaken with groups such as the Campaign for a Living Wage, with members of the General Assembly and with officials in state government around this issue. We believe that the leadership shown by the University to eliminate poverty level wages for state employees is critical to the welfare of our community."



Joyce Green Pastors, Chair
General Faculty Council