University of Virginia
General Faculty Council
Minutes: March 14, 2000 meeting

Members Present: ,Donal Day, Tom Dowd, Trish Foley, Joe Gieck, Brad Holland, Aaron Laushway, Joyce Pastors, Jan Redick, and Betsy Tucker


Members Absent: Dennis DeSilvey, Elizabeth Fortune, Nancy Garlick, Jane Penner, and Mary Smith


Others Present: Susan Foard and Robert deVoursney


The meeting was chaired by Tom Dowd.


1.      The minutes of the January and February 2000 meetings were approved.


2.      Report from Jane Penner:  (presented by Tom Dowd)


a.       Abigail Curran (staff reporter, Cavalier Daily) has been added as a subscriber to the GENFAC mailing list to facilitate her coverage of Council activities.   She has been asked, and has agreed, to refrain from directly quoting Council members.

b.      Jane attended the Diversity Conference  February 18-19, 2000.  She will report more on this when she is back.

c.       A “modestly fancy” reception will be held in the spring to recognize those members who are going off the Council.  Those members are: Donal Day,  Dennis DeSilvey, Elizabeth Fortune, Mary Smith, Joyce Pastors, Tom Dowd, Susan Andrews and Abby Gillette.  Members going off the Council are urged to attend the April meeting, if possible, to overlap with and provide continuity for new members at their first meeting.


3.      Trish Foley reported that the election process for new members to the Council is progressing on schedule.  Ballots are out and votes are coming in.  There are nominees for the seats of all Council members completing their three-year terms.   Positions created by resigning members (Abby Gillette, Other Schools; Susan Andrews, Administration), along with the two At-Large seats will be filled by an election scheduled for later this spring.


4.      Brad Holland reported on the February 24, 2000 CCUG meeting.


a.       CCUG discussed  the issue of discrepancies in faculty benefits.  An example of the kinds of discrepancies which exist was cited as follows: a man gets 3 weeks off, fully paid, when the family adopts a child;  however, a man gets six weeks off, unpaid, when  his wife has a baby.


b.      The Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Allies Concerns Committee applied for representation on CCUG.  The request has been deferred pending review of the CCUG charter.  (Brad clarified this by pointing out that, if an organization is already represented on grounds, it is not appropriate for CCUG to also represent that organization.)


c.       Following preliminary work by Brad Holland,  a UVA-wide climate study may be initiated.  This study, which probably would be contracted with an outside consultant,  would have the support of the Office of the President,  would  involve various UVA groups and committees, and would represent potential for marked changes at this institution.


5.      Comments/Concerns from members:


a.       Donal Day expressed concern about the changes which will be implemented in the Compensation Plan for Virginia State Classified Personnel.  Brad Holland commented that although this plan will be approved at the state level, the manner of implementation will be up to UVA administrators.  General discussion followed on these issues: elimination of “steps” in advancement; the grievance process; and concern about how changes will affect employees in the future when a new group of administrators are in place.


b.      The issue of the percentage difference in raises for teaching/academic faculty versus administrative/general faculty was discussed.


c.       Jan Redick volunteered to serve as Secretary for the Council.


6.  Draft Policy on the General Faculty


Joyce Pastors opened discussion by announcing that Alex Johnson and Kathy Reed from the Provost’s office plan to attend the April meeting of the Council to respond to the Council’s suggested changes to the December 1999 draft version of the Policy on the General Faculty.


Discussion followed in which concern was expressed by several Council members that no response would be forthcoming in writing from Alex Johnson and Kathy Reed prior to the April meeting.   Several expressed the need to have the opportunity to review the position of the Provost’s office in writing before meeting with the representatives in person.  After further discussion it was decided that Joyce Pastors will contact Alex Johnson and Kathy Reed and advise them that the Council wishes to have their comments in writing, so that Council members can review and be adequately prepared for a face-to-face meeting at a future date.    It was further decided that, if the Provost’s office refuses to put its response in writing, then the entire matter will be referred to the Office of the President; perhaps requesting that a task-force be established to address the Policy on General Faculty.


Robert deVoursney contributed significantly to discussion of concerns about the interaction(s) between the Council and the UVA administration in the process of drafting the new policy.   He stressed that Council should bear in mind that the general faculty represents a powerful voice that will be listened to at the highest administrative and even state levels.  He presented pertinent historical background information about the administration-appointed, “blue-ribbon” task force which drafted the original Policy on the General Faculty, and suggested that Council might seek to take such a route at this point in the negotiations.



7.  NEXT MEETING:  April 11, 2000 at 12:30PM   Room 389 Newcomb Hall


Submitted by:

Jan A. Redick, Acting Secretary