University of Virginia General Faculty Council Minutes


Minutes:Tuesday, March 11, 2003, Room 389, Newcomb Hall


Members Present:Jennifer Bauerle, Donal Day, Rosie Dunn, Robbie Greenlee, Carol Hunter, Lotta Lofgren, Bill Keene, Chris Milner, George Hashiasaki, Elaine Attridge, Lynda White, Phil Gates, Bill Keene, James Freeman, Greg Strickland and Ellie Wilson.


Members Absent:Jann Balmer, Barbara Millar, and Mary Abouzeid


Also Present:Donna Tolson and Prue Thorner


Meeting was chaired by Lynda White.


Chairís Report


Opening Remarks


-         Donal thanked the Council for sending flowers in memory of his mother.He appreciated the gesture and prayers.


-         Rosie informed the Council she had been accepted into a Ph.D program and had also resigned from UVA.She thanked the Council members for selecting her to be the GFC Secretary and indicated she would miss being part of this group.Members thanked her for her service to the Council and wished her well with her future endeavors.


-         Ellie informed the Council she would be doing a presentation on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 on the history of the School of Education at Curry.She invited everyone to attend.


Questions for meeting with Sandridge in April

-Lynda asked the Council what questions they had thought of to ask Leonard Sandridge at our next meeting. She will refine them and send them to the Council for review before forwarding them to Sandridge this week.


Budget Report

-Currently the budget reflects $1,811.90.


E-mails to Constituents

-         Jennifer stated she continued to have difficulties sending out her constituency list.

-         Health e-mails:Have been sent.

-         Engineering e-mails:Have not been sent out yet.

-         Athletics:No update.


Statement of support for diversity re:the Lundy attack

-         Lynda asked if the Council wanted to post a statement on the Universityís diversity Website in support of Ms. Lundy, the student council president candidate who was attacked.Robbie also asked if anyone has been attending the meetings on-grounds concerning this incident.Lotta volunteered to represent the Council as needed at any meetings she attends.Lynda asked for two or three volunteers to draft a statement to be posted.Lotta and Phil volunteered to draft and send a statement for comments within 24 hours.


Letter re:health benefits

-Lynda reported that a letter regarding non-sedating anti-histamines and health benefits for part-time employees had been sent to Yoke San Reynolds.We have received acknowledgement and are awaiting a response.


Representative Reports



-         Donal stated that he missed the final meetings and that the Harrison Awards had been awarded.



-         Lotta presented information supporting part-time benefits for employees at CCUG and reported that it was openly received.The committee gave positive feedback.



-         Carol has already sent emails to the Council concerning the benefits committee meeting.


Part-time benefits survey instrument survey: Lotta

Lotta thanked everyone for their input on the survey.She still needs to be sure how this survey should be sent in order to safeguard anonymity.Bill K. suggested it be sent in two forms: 1) via e-mail pointing to a Website and 2) embedded in an email message after a week on the Website.


Committee Progress Reports

-         Nominations Update:Ellie

Donal reported that he had checked the Councilís archived minutes and verified that he has another year on his term; the Council website is incorrect. Thus there is only one opening for Arts and Sciences. Ellie reported there are seven nominees for the six open seats.The nominees are as follows:three for At-large, two for Administration, one for Professional Schools, one for Arts and Sciences, and none for Health.If no nominees come forward for the Health seat by Friday, the Council may need to revisit its apportionment decision.


Lynda asked how Rosieís newly open position should be handled.The Council suggested that the two Administration candidates be asked to run specifically for the 3-year or the 1-year term.Ellie said she would email candidates about this development.The election website will need to be updated to reflect accurate number of open seats.Chris agreed to contact Student Techies and send corrected information to be posted.


-         Bylaws:Phil

Phil reviewed proposed changes to the bylaws which were discussed during the meeting. He will make final changes and email them to the Council. Council will vote on them at the next meeting.



Meeting Adjourned at 1:35 p.m.


Next GFC meeting on April 8, 2003.