MARCH 9, 1994


John Alexander
Julia Martin
Beth Picknally Camden
* Bernard Mayes
* Mark Doherty
Richard McGuire
Wei Li Fang
Bill Randolph
* Patricia Lampkin
Richard Sealock
Ann Loper
* indicates members absent

Julia Martin presided.

The minutes of February 9, 1994 were approved, with corrections.

Reorganization of Council, terms of office, new officers - Changes in the constituent groups, as proposed in John Alexander's memo of Feb. 25, 1994, were discussed. Julie Martin proposed expanding the size of the Council. Final decision was postponed until more members of Council could be present. The terms of office for current Council members, as proposed in the memo, were also discussed and tabled.

Julie reported that she and Ann Loper have agreed to resign as co-chairs. The new Council year begins on April 1, so we will have election of new officers at the next meeting. Any Council members interested in serving should contact Ann Loper.


Spring Election - Bill Randolph reported on the results of the spring election. Jim McGowan was elected to fill the Council vacancy representing the Hospital. Beth Picknally Camden will write a letter of welcome from the Council.

Update on Center Cut-backs - Richard Sealock reported on the current status of Center cut-backs. The University had requested restoration of funding in budget amendments. In the current phase of budget negotiations, at least 11 General Faculty positions will not be funded by the state. An additional six positions have not yet been determined.

Richard will chair a small ad hoc group (Wei Li Fang, Julie Martin, and Ann Loper) to gather information from the General Faculty in the Centers, and to draft a letter to the University supporting these faculty members and advocating continuing employment at the University.

General Faculty Handbook - Beth Picknally Camden reported that she has had little response to her call for volunteers, and asked all Council members to make recommendations from their areas. Beth also reported that Ann Turner and Lynda White of the WFPA General Faculty Committee had met with Mair de Voursney to discuss the new faculty handbook and how it applies to General Faculty. Ms. De Voursney expressed interest in working with the Council to develop a supplement to the handbook which would specifically cover General Faculty. Beth will contact her before the next meeting.


Plans for General Approval of By-laws - Bill Randolph reported that mailing labels can be requested at any time, with a few days notice. For the most accurate list we should request several days before we are ready to mail the by-laws to the General Faculty. We will mail following our May meeting, so that we have an opportunity to discuss any feedback from our open meeting.

Addenda - John Alexander has drafted two addenda to the by-laws: Elections Committee Procedures and Definitions of Constituent Groups. These will not be part of the by-laws proper, so that they can be changed as needed by the Council.

Other changes - The following changes were made to the by-laws:

MOTION: That the final sentence of section VII.H. be AMENDED as follows: "but the
chair of any committee and the majority of members of any standing committee must in all
cases be elected members of the Council."

Motion approved.

MOTION: That the hand-written editorial changes to the by-laws distributed by John
Alexander be adopted.

Motion approved.

Arrangements for 4/27 meeting - The open meeting of the general faculty will be held on April 27. Julie Martin will schedule a large meeting room on central grounds. Beth Picknally Camden will handle publicizing the meeting and distribution of the by-laws.


Impact of decentralization - Beth Picknally Camden reported that Leonard Sandridge has met with representative of the classified Employees Councils to discuss the impact of decentralization and university autonomy. A draft letter inviting Mr. Sandridge to meet with the Council was discussed. Julie Martin will send a final version of the letter, and call to set a meeting time with Mr. Sandridge.

Next meeting:
Wednesday April 13, 1994 1:00-3:00
Vice President's Conference Rm., McKim Hall, Rm. 3001

Send agenda items to Ann Loper or Julia Martin by April 6, 1994