MARCH 14, 1995


John Alexander
Julia Martin
Beth Picknally Camden
Bernard Mayes
Mark Doherty
* James McGowan
Wei Li Fang
* Tom Perrin
* Patricia Lampkin
William Randolph
* Ann Loper
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

Old Business:

Faculty Governance:

Dan Larson, Chair of the Faculty Governance Committee and Chair-elect of the Faculty Senate, was the guest of the Council.

The Faculty Governance Committee has been discussing the Senate and the Council, and which groups of faculty each body represents. The Constitution of the Senate is not clear, but implies that Academic General Faculty are represented by the Senate. This group is also represented by the Council under our by-laws. Some elected members of the Senate are General Faculty. In some ways, the Academic General Faculty are more aligned with the tenured/tenure-track faculty (in terms of teaching and research). However, they assumed that they are not represented by the Senate though this varies from school to school. Academic General Faculty not affiliated with schools are not represented in the Senate. Changing the current ambiguous situation may cause more problem then it solves. The consensus of the Council is to leave the situation as it currently exists.

The relation between the Council and the Faculty Senate was discussed. Dan Larson expressed interest in sharing of information between the two groups, and possibly having representatives at each other's meetings.

Motion (Bernard Mayes):

To invite the Faculty Senate to provide an observer at Council meetings; and to request that they allow a Council observer at Faculty Senate Executive Council meetings.

Motion approved.


Beth Picknally Camden reported that the ballots had been mailed, and the deadline was March 20. The nomination and ballot process was discussed. A suggestion for next year's ballot is to include fewer names on the ballot, and to asked each nominee to provide a short statement of interest for inclusion on the ballot.

The April meeting will be a transition meeting with the new members and those leaving the Council present.

New Business:

Part-time benefits (WFPA survey report):

Joyce Pastors, from the WFPA General Faculty Committee, was the guest of the Council. She presented the draft report on their part-time benefits survey, and requested input. Of 265 part-time faculty, 26% responded to the survey. Two major areas of concern were health care and retirement benefits. The final version of the report will be sent to the Administration on May 1. A letter of support from the Council would be welcome.

The minutes for February were approved with corrections

Next meeting:Tuesday April 11, 1995 1:00-3:00 McKim Hall room 3113

Send agenda items to Beth Picknally Camden by Friday 7.