March 10, 1998

Members Present:
Donal Day
Dennis DeSilvey
Elizabeth Fortune
Rob Walker Freer
Karen Grandage
Douglas Hurd
Joyce Pastors

Members Absent:
Ron Berube
Tom Dowd
Graham Grove
Martin Hoard
Claire Kaplan
Jennie Moody
Mary Smith
Wayne Smith
Danny Wilmer

Also Present:
Suzanne Louis
Cindy Benton-Groner

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

1. Topic: Elections Committee Report:

Elizabeth handed-out the Spring 1998 election's nominations slate. Nominations have been received for all Council vacancies except for the two openings in the College of Arts and Sciences. Members were asked to contact colleagues in Arts and Sciences to encourage potential candidates to come forward.

2. Topic: Professional Research Staff:

The question (discussed at the February, 1998 meeting) of whether professional research staff should continue to fall under the Council's representation was brought up for a vote. However, due to the lack of a quorum, the vote was postponed. Doug encouraged all Council members to fully review "who" the professional research staff are by reading the appropriate sections on the Provost's Web page.

3. Topic: April Meeting:

The April meeting will be on the 21st rather than April 14th. It was decided to push it back a week from its normal date in order to allow the new Council members time to be notified after the election results are final, and make plans to attend. All outgoing Council members are invited to attend the April meeting to welcome the new councilors. Elections will be held for the offices of Council Chair and Secretary. Plans will need to be made to transfer the ListServ, Financial Account, Web Site and notebooks and files after the election of officers.

4. Topic: Report from the Policy Working Group:

The Working Group will need new members to replace Doug and Rob who will be leaving the Council in April. Joyce continued the group review that was begun in February of the 1/08/98 draft of the Policy.

Several issues to note:

The Working Group will continue their modifications to the draft and submit it to the Council for a vote before the April meeting.

5. Next Meeting:

April 21, 12:30pm - 2:00pm in Newcomb Hall, Room 389.

Submitted by Karen Grandage, GFC Secretary.