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General Faculty Council
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Meeting Minutes
March 9, 1999

Members in Attendance: Betsy Tucker (A&S), Nancy Garlick (A&S), Jane Penner (Libraries), Elizabeth Fortune (Other Schools), Abby Gillette (Other Schools), Joyce Green Pastors (Medical School), Ron Berube (Hospital), Paula Jones (Administration).

Other attendees: Lynda White, Suzanne Louis

  1. Approval of February meeting minutes: Jane Penner moved the minutes from the February GFC meeting be approved as written. Motion seconded by Joyce Pastors and passed by unanimous vote.
  2. Council of University Committees (Joyce Pastors for Brad Holland): As per the last meeting of the CUC, there are three current issues of interest to the CUC:
      1. Safety issues - University's Safety Committee to be represented at the CUC as per GFC suggestion
      2. Salary issues for all faculty and staff
      3. Child Care Task Force - to be appointed to study the various child care options available to all University employees
  3. Faculty Senate (Joyce Pastors): General Faculty Council has been invited to attend the Faculty Senate Executive Council meeting on March 23rd to discuss the issue of salary increase disparity and faculty categorization. Ed Ayres, President of the Faculty Senate, cannot attend tomorrow's General Faculty Forum, but will send a representative from the Faculty Senate Executive Committee to attend in his place. This led to a general discussion of the Faculty Senate and what is the nature of our relationship to that organization. Because there are faculty represented by both groups, Marva Barnett serves as the Faculty Senate liaison to the General Faculty Council. The main distinction between the two groups is that "academic" faculty (tenure/tenure-track and academic general faculty) are represented by the Faculty Senate, while the General Faculty Council represents academic and administrative general faculty (those faculty who are not in tenured or tenure-track positions). Is this strong enough to warrant a division?
  4. General Faculty Policy Revisions (Jane Penner): A second follow up meeting with Kathy Reed to review proposed changes to the policy was proposed. It was suggested this be done before the March 23 meeting of the Faculty Senate.
  5. Elections (Joyce Pastors for Dennis DeSilvey): There were 13 nominations received - 5 for Medical School, 3 for Administration, 3 for Student Affairs, and 2 for Athletics. There was a brief discussion to determine if it was appropriate to create an ex-officio position for a representative from Human Resources. It was decided it was best to wait for the outcome of the elections and determine if there was need for an ex-officio position.
  6. GFC Chairmanship for 1999-2000 (Joyce Pastors ): The council membership was asked to begin thinking about who should serve as GFC chairman for next year's term. Nominations would be sought at the next meeting (after elections).
  7. By-Laws (Joyce Pastors for Donal Day): The electronic vote for the approval of the By-laws revision passed with a vote of 111-2. The new By-laws shall go into effect immediately.
  8. General Faculty Forum (Joyce): All invited panelists will be in attendance for tomorrow's forum. The format will be for the GFC Chair to provide introductions and overview. Then the program will be turned over to the panelists for their opening remarks and discussion from the floor. Index cards shall be passed out to the meeting attendees to record their questions anonymously if so desired.
  9. Related handouts of two University documents were distributed to the council membership dealing with the faculty salary policy and implementation.

    The council membership decided against proceeding with an Inside UVA article about the salary situation but to instead work with Kathy Reed, Associate Provost for Management, to make positive changes to the Faculty Salary Policy document. An article summarizing the policy may be more appropriate.

    Clarification of the terminology still needed - many still do not understand the differences created by salary funding sources (e.g. state-funded vs. grant-funded positions). Perhaps this should be spelled out in the policy.

  10. Survey of administrative salaries/raises at other institutions (Joyce Pastors): Instead of surveying other institutions for raise and salary data, perhaps GFC should focus on the evaluation procedure/policy here at UVa to better educate our constituents.
  11. Next meeting - April 13, 1999 at 389 Newcomb Hall at12:30pm

Respectfully submitted,
Elizabeth Fortune