University of Virginia General Faculty Council (GFC)

Minutes: May 14, 2001 12:30-2:00 p.m. Room 481 Newcomb Hall

Members Present: Mary Abouzeid, Jan Balmer, Frank Butros, Chuck Callaghan, Rosie Dunn, Jim Freeman, Joe Gieck, Bill Keene, Aaron Laushway, Maurice Lipper, Lotta Lofgren, Barbara Millar, Max Salinas, Lynda White, Ellie Wilson

Members Absent: Donal Day, Carol Hunter, Jan Redick

Others Present: John Casteen, Patricia Foley, Doug Hurd, Hoke Perkins, Kathy Reed, and Leonard Sandridge.

The meeting was opened by Frank Butros, Chair, who suspended the agenda so that President Casteen could speak to the questions the General Faculty Council had invited him to address. The meeting began at 12:40.

President Casteen began by discussing the budget impasse at the state level. His explanation included historical background to the current budget stalemate and implications for the University.

The next topic on his agenda was the role of General Faculty in the state view.

Next, President Casteen discussed the provost/planning office's intent to ask deans to embark on three-year planning with staggered reporting. This will establish a way for schools to begin to account for their resources at the school level. On a practical level, it means that schools will be involved in the budget process and assist the University in being thoughtful about how to best organize our resources.

The council thanked President Casteen, Vice-President Sandridge, and Associate Provost Reed for their thoughtful contributions to our knowledge.

At this point in the meeting, the agenda went back into operation.

  1. Approval of April's Minutes
  2. Minutes were approved as printed.

  3. Committee Reports
  1. Policy. Bill Keene reported on the draft policy that has been under revision for several years. He, Jane Penner, Joyce Pastors, and Trish Foley met with Peter Lowe, Alex Johnson, and Kathy Reed, and the incoming Associate Provost, Anda Webb to discuss changes recommended by Peter Lowe in the latest version of the draft policy . Our major concerns related to four changes proposed by Peter Lowe: 1) Deleting the section describing recourse when an annual review had not been conducted; 2) deleting the definition of the "Expectation of Continued Employment"; 3) adding revised text that was vague with regard to the timing for the expectation of continued employment; and 4) adding revised text which did not specify recourse when the expectation of continued employment review had not been conducted. The group drafted acceptable revisions addressing all the above concerns (this draft was given to the General Faculty Council). Overall, Bill reported that the Provost's office was extremely supportive of the new document and appreciated the considerable effort invested by all who contributed to the effort. Lowe will forward the latest revised draft to Leonard Sandridge for review. Thereafter, the draft will be reviewed by the University’s General Council and Sandridge’s cabinet including Gene Block. Lowe said that a clearly marked draft of the current policy could be circulated to our council and to interested members of the general faculty for review. However, he requested that it not be made public on the web until after completing the formal review and approval process.
  2. By-laws. Joe Gieck passed around a draft of the proposed revision (originating from a discussion at the April meeting) to the General Faculty By Laws that would change the current officer terms. With a minor change to wording of the description of members elected to fill the chair and co-chair positions (see attached document), the draft was approved unanimously. Professor Gieck agreed to check on the rules for the time needed to enact this revision. The change will be posted on our website.
  3. Ellie Wilson reported on the afternoon reception set for the garden of Pavilion One, to welcome new General Council members and thank outgoing ones.
  1. The next item on the agenda, Goals and Objectives for the Gen-Fac Council, was brought forward by incoming chair Frank Butros. He proposed that we as a council be strategic about our work this coming year. He proposed a retreat-style group brainstorming activity for one of our future meetings to identify issues we want to work on. There was some discussion of this process--including using what we learned from our constituents last year in the open meetings around Grounds. There was also a suggestion that we use a facilitator for this brainstorming session. And another suggestion was that we host a University-wide meeting for General Faculty. It was decided that at our next meeting we would review what we learned last year and prioritize what we heard from our constituents.
  2. Web-site Management. Frank Butros has found a group of students "Student Techies" who have a partnership formed to help people with website construction. Mary Abouzeid volunteered to draw up a budget after speaking to this group.
  3. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Mary Abouzeid.


Next Meeting: June 12, 2001, Room 481 Newcomb Hall