University of Virginia General Faculty Council (GFC)


Minutes:  May 21, 2002    12:00-1:30 PM,  Room 389 Newcomb Hall


Members Present:  Jann Balmer, Jennifer Bauerle, John Blanco, Frank Butros, Donal Day, Rosie Dunn, James Freeman, Phil Gates, Bill Keene, Lotta Lofgren, Barbara Millar, Chris Milner, Lynda White, Ellie Wilson


Members Absent:   Mary Abouzeid, Robbie Greenlee, and Carol Hunter


Also Present:  Karen Holt (Guest) and the following General Faculty Council members whose terms expired in April 2002: Chuck Callaghan, Joe Gieck, Aaron Laushway and Jan Redick.


The meeting was chaired by Frank Butros



1.     Minutes of the April 8, 2002 meeting were approved as corrected.


2.     Introductions:


Introductions of all council members in attendance were made to help acquaint the new and remaining members.  The new council members in attendance included: Jennifer Bauerle (Student Affairs); John Blanco (Medicine);  Phil Gates (Athletics); and Chris Milner (Engineering).


3.     Election of Officers:


The following officers were elected for the April 2002-03 term:


Chair:           Lynda White

Chair-Elect:     Lotta Lofgren

Secretary:     Rosie Dunn



4.  Special Report:


Karen Holt presented an informative overview of the mission and activities of the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs.


She initially pointed out the three primary areas of OEOP focus:  facilitation (all the activities related to bringing students to UVA); environment (creating a supportive, appropriate climate for the students); and education/outreach.

Following this, Ms. Holt described specific activities sponsored by the OEOP, and indicated areas where the General Faculty Council might play an important role in fostering/supporting some of these activities.  These are summarized below:


     Faculty Recruitment. The OEOP plays a direct role in faculty recruitment policies (and an advisory role in classified staff recruitment policies).


     Diversity Issues. Karen Holt described the OEOP as the organization which is fostering increased awareness of diversity issues.  In February 2000 a “Diversity Symposium” was held at the University which was well attended and featured prominent speakers.  This symposium, reports from which can be viewed on the OEOP website, represented an effort to start a grassroots movement on diversity at the University. 


     Annual Equal Opportunity Plan.  Each year the OEOP requests information from all University departments and divisions regarding their equal opportunity policies.  This information, along with statistics on all aspects of diversity at the University, is published in a large booklet which represents a very good resource document.  This information is also available online.


     Discriminatory Harassment Training.  The OEOP has created a two-hour program on discriminatory harassment issues which has been mandated by the President’s cabinet for all supervisors (all full-time faculty and anyone who completes or reviews evaluations) at the University.  Melvin Mallory is the person in the OEOP who schedules this program for departments or groups.  This is one area where Karen Holt indicated that the General Faculty Council could be helpful:  council members can make sure that this training is done in the schools which they represent.


     Climate Study.  The idea of conducting a climate study at the University was approved by the President’s Office some time ago, and two competent consulting firms with national recognition submitted bids for the study.  Despite the prior approval, funds were not made available, and the project is at a standstill.  This is another area where General Faculty Council pressure might get the ball rolling and make this climate study a reality. 



4.  Committee Reports:


CCUG.  Barbara Millar reported on a recent CCUG meeting, and said that this group is willing to help the council see the policy process through to completion.  She announced that Gweneth West is the Chair and Tony Townsend the Chair-elect of CCUG.  CCUG is advisory in nature and was established by Leonard Sandridge, to whom the CCUG reports.


Policy Committee:  The policy committee still has received no final word from Alex Johnson on the draft policy.  Concern was expressed by policy committee members that, since Alex Johnson is leaving UVA soon, he (and the Office of the Provost) may consider the job done and the policy document in its final form.  If this occurs, we may be presented with a signed, sealed, and delivered product with items/language that the Council is not happy with. The committee, and others on the council, expressed further concern that, being essentially under a “gag order” from the Provost’s Office, the Council’s hands are tied with regard to moving the process along.  However, following discussion, there was general consensus that the imminent departure of Alex Johnson opens the doors for the Council to contact anyone that can be helpful, and some action should be taken immediately.  Suggestions were made about whom the policy committee should contact, and it was decided that the committee would simultaneously contact Laura Hawthorne (Executive Assistant to the Provost), Gene Block (Provost) and Richard Kast  in the General Counsel’s Office.



The meeting was adjourned at 1:15.



NEXT MEETING:  June 11, 2002   12:00 noon, Room 389, Newcomb Hall


Submitted by: Jan Redick