May 14, 1996

Members: Colleen Fitzpatrick, Hilton Fowler*,

Rob Walker Freer Virginia Germino Karen Grandage

Graham Grove

Douglas Hurd

Dearing Johns *

Claire Kaplan *

Jennie Moody

* Indicates Members Absent

Also present: Suzanne Lewis, Gail Oltmanns

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

Copies of the minutes were distributed, reviewed and approved from the April 30, 1996 meeting.

Action: Minutes will be sent to absent members.

1. Topic: Report on Benefits for Part-Time Employees

Gail Oltmanns, Chair of the University's Benefits Committee since the Fall of 1995, attended the meeting upon our request to informally discuss the current status of the report on benefits for part-time employees at UVa and the history of her Committee's involvement.

Gail will formally receive a copy of the benefits report on May 15 from Tom Gausvik, Chief Human Resource Officer. The report is still considered to be a draft, as it has not yet gone to the Senior Cabinet level for review.

Gail reported that interest in extending benefits to part-time employees dates back to 1988. The WFPA did a survey of part-time employees in 1993/1994, which served as preliminary information and impetus for the current report. The issue currently under review is to extend fringe benefits (retirement, health care, life insurance) to employees who work 20 hours or more. There are currently 289 part-time employees on the academic side of the University, and it is anticipated that it could cost approximately $735,000 to extend these benefits. At this time, the primary issues being considered are probably financial and not legal difficulties from the Virginia Office of State Personnel and Training.

Suzanne Lewis said that the WFPA had been very impressed with the fair-mindedness of the responses about benefits from their 1993/1994 survey. Most part-timers were interested in pro-rated benefits and especially interested in receiving medical insurance at the group rate.

Action: Gail will keep the Council informed about the report, as soon as she knows more about it. Also, Colette Capone, Vice President for Management and Budget, will be attending the June 11 Council meeting and giving a report.

2. Topic: Report from the May 7 WFPA Meeting

Karen attended the WFPA Meeting on May 7th for Doug, and upon the invitation of Joyce Green Pastors, 1996/97 WFPA Chairperson. Karen gave them an update on Council business from the April meeting. Joyce and the other WFPA members gave an excellent summary of the history and work of the WFPA and its relationship with the General Faculty Council.

They reported that the issue of how Council members could best represent their constituents was not a new one. When the Council was established, it was designed to have 1 member for approximately every 100 general faculty. The WFPA sponsors an annual "Meet your Council Representatives" to increase communication between faculty and members, although they have not always been well attended.

Several suggestions were made for creative ways to enhance Council-General Faculty communication, such as utilizing e-mail and the World Wide Web more and electing Council members to represent more discrete Schools so that there would be fewer people per representative.

Action: Doug suggested, at this point, that we should make sure that the General Faculty is informed about the Council meetings and know that they are free to attend.

Action: The GFC will take all of these ideas into consideration as ways to enhance the representation of General Faculty.

WFPA members also expressed their support for the importance of the work being done by the Ad Hoc Policy Committee.

Action: The GFC also supports the ongoing work of the Policy Committee. It's charge has been extended to April, 1997, at which time it will be decided whether to extend it again and/or make it a Standing Committee. GFC Member, Jennie Moody, volunteered to Chair the Committee.

The WFPA also encouraged the Council, in our next election, to include a 1 or 2 sentence statement on the ballot from each candidate with their goals for why they want to serve on the General Faculty Council. The WFPA offered their assistance in doing this.

Action: The GFC will implement this idea in the Fall election, and gladly accepted the WFPA's gracious offer to help with that process.

3. Topic: Reapportionment Report

Rob Walker Freer handed out a detailed report of his preliminary findings in looking at the reapportionment issue. Using data he obtained from George Stovall's office, Rob provided a chart of the 8 current areas of Council representation and the numbers in the largest departments within each area, as well as the total number of General Faculty in each area.

Robb's report also nicely details the issue of how to fairly add 6 new members to the Council and offers several options for addressing the issue.

Action: Doug thanked Rob for his nice work on the report. Council members are to read the report before the June 11th meeting, at which time a final decision will be made about how to reapportion the General Faculty Council and proceed with the Fall election. Copies of Rob's report will be sent, along with the Minutes, to absent members.

4. Topic: E-Mail Alias for GFC

Action: Doug will establish an e-mail alias for members to use for correspondence. The address will be:

5. Next Meeting: June 11, 1996, in Peabody 110, 1:30 -3:00 P.M.

Submitted by Karen Grandage, GFC Secretary.