May 13, 1997

Members Present:
Ronald Berube
Donal Day
Dennis DeSilvey
Thomas Dowd
Elizabeth Fortune
Rob Walker Freer
Karen Grandage
Joyce Green Pastors
Martin Hoard
Douglas Hurd
Gail McDaniel
Jennie Moody
Matthew Morris
Mary Smith

Members Absent:
Graham Grove
Claire Kaplan
Wayne Smith
Danny Wilmer

Also Present:
Suzanne Louis

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

1. Topic: Welcome to New Members

Karen introduced the last of the new members to be elected to the General Faculty Council (GFC). Joyce Green Pastors and Dennis DeSilvey were both elected in April to represent the Medical School for a three-year term.

Karen asked if everyone had received the updated list of GFC Members she had sent out - and everyone had. She noted that the dates of service for Gail and Danny need to be corrected to show that their terms expire in 1999.

2. Topic: Elections

Karen asked for volunteers to join the ever-shrinking Elections Committee. Gail, Ron and Joyce agreed to join the efforts of Claire Kaplan in handling elections in the next Council year.

Action: Doug and Karen were unanimously re-elected to serve, respectively, as GFC Chair and Secretary for another year.

3. Topic: General Faculty Representation

Rob handed out the reapportionment memo he had prepared last year to improve the Council's representation, and shared its history with all the new members. The big question now that the Council is up to its full numbers, is "how do we communicate effectively with our constituents?" That resulted in a lively discussion about who exactly is general faculty, and why it is so important for everyone to know. Barbara Henry in Human Resources has promised to provide a print-out of all current general faculty by Schools. Due in part to our pressure, Barbara and Tom Gausvik will meet to better define "general faculty." Rob said that he would also ask George Stovall for a list of general faculty by category.

Action: It was decided that the Council needed to move ahead on this issue with a two prong approach: (1) maintain pressure on Human Resources and Administration to better define "general faculty," and (2) to move ahead with communicating to those currently listed as "general faculty." It was decided that each group will get together to work out who they will be responsible for communicating with, and look into various methods, such as e-mail, for sharing the Council's work with its constituents.

4. Topic: General Faculty Evaluation and Promotion

Joyce Green Pastors shared a draft letter that she had prepared with Trish Foley in their roles as Co-Chairs of the WFPA General Faculty Committee to Leonard Sandridge concerning the need for a university-wide policy regarding evaluation and promotion for general faculty. She suggested that Doug, as the General Faculty Council Chair, co-sign the letter to strengthen their appeal.

There was general discussion about how evaluations and promotions were or were not being handled in various Schools and Departments. The consensus was that it would be extremely difficult to get UVa to adopt a consistent policy across all Schools for evaluation and promotion of general faculty, but that it would be very valuable for our group to develop a "white paper" encouraging Departments and Schools to fairly address this issue.

Action: Rather than ask to meet with Leonard Sandridge at this time, it was decided by the Council to have Joyce draft a letter informing Sandridge about our interest in this matter and our decision to develop a "white paper." Joyce agreed to do so, and will send out a draft copy to genfac for comments.

5. Topic: GFC Vice-Chair

Martin Hoard suggested that the Council should consider adding a Vice-Chair, to assist the Chair in his absence and to be groomed as the possible successor when the elections next occur. Doug and all members agreed that this was a good idea, and a volunteer was sought.

Action: Donal Day agreed to become Vice-Chair. Neither Doug nor Donal will be able to attend the next GFC meeting on June 10, so Rob offerred to Chair it in their absence.

5. Next Meeting: June 10, 1997, in Peabody 110, 1:30 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Submitted by Karen Grandage, GFC Secretary.