NOVEMBER 11, 1993


John Alexander
Ann Loper
* Pam Bouchard
Julia Martin
Beth Picknally Camden
* Bernard Mayes
* Mark Doherty
Richard McGuire
* Wei Li Fang
Bill Randolph
Patricia Lampkin
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

Wei Li Fang had Joyce Green Pastors attend in her absence.

The minutes of October 13, 1993 were approved.


Distribution of SCHEV statement - A response from the Council on the report Sustaining and Building Excellence in Difficult Times was prepared by Bernard Mayes. Ann Loper and Julia Martin will incorporate the comments received on e-mail from the Council members. The final statement will be re-distributed on e-mail for approval by the Council. Distribution of the final statement was discussed. Ann Loper and Julia Martin will handle distribution within the University. Pat Lampkin will handle the press release.

External communications - Pat Lampkin reported that she spoke with Louise Dudley, the Director of University Relations to discuss external communications. Press releases are generally distributed to the general cabinet prior to the general release through the office of University Relations.

Establishing mail group - John Alexander reported that an electronic mail group has been set up for the Council, but that our addresses had not yet been entered. He will notify us via e-mail when the mail group is operational. This mail group will allow all Council members to post messages to the rest of the Council.


The role of the Council in grievances - Julia Martin suggested that there are two possible roles for the Council in the grievance process:

Currently, two separate procedures cover grievances for general faculty. Julia will summarize these two procedures for our next meeting, so that we can have a more productive discussion.

By-laws - John Alexander discussed some of the questions which have been raised concerning the current draft of the by-laws.

-Quorum: the Council agreed to a simple majority (seven) as quorum.

-Duties of the secretary: The Faculty Senate has only a half-time staff person to assist with secretarial duties, so they cannot assist us in this area. The by- laws will be revised to use wording which is less specific, particularly in the area of the distribution of minutes, so that we do not put an undue burden on the secretary. Pat Lampkin volunteered to assist Pam Bouchard with the distribution of minutes for the current year.

-Approval of by-laws and future updates: The Council agreed to make copies of the final-draft by-laws available to all general faculty, to be followed by an open meeting of the general faculty to discuss. A paper ballot would be sent in the spring to all general faculty to approve the by-laws. The Council would function under the final-draft version of the by-laws until approved by the general faculty. Future changes in the by-laws would also be submitted to the general faculty for approval.

-Open meetings: Meetings of the Council will be open, but we will reserve the right to close meetings. Involvement by non-Council members in discussion at open meetings will be governed by Robert's Rules of Order.

-Elections: The section in the by-laws on the timing of elections will be revised to be less specific. A procedural document covering elections will be prepared by the Council, but not included in the by-laws.

-Size of the Council: Joyce Pasters suggested that we consider enlarging the Council. Discussion was tabled without a decision.


Research Associate/Assistant Policy - Bill Randolph raised two issues from the policy governing professional research staff:

The Council agreed that a handbook including all policies governing general faculty and professional research staff was needed. Beth Picknally Camden volunteered to prepare a list of policies which would be included in such a manual.

PI/Co-PI status for Professional Research Staff - Richard Sealock presented two written proposals to the Council: Research Grants for Professional Research Staff and Promotion for Research Scientists. These will be discussed at the next meeting.


There was no new business.

Next meeting:

Wednesday December 8, 1993 1:00-3:00 Vice President's Conference Rm., McKim Hall, Rm. 3001