NOVEMBER 8, 1994


John Alexander
Julia Martin
Beth Picknally Camden
* Bernard Mayes
Mark Doherty
James McGowan
* Wei Li Fang
* Tom Perrin
Patricia Lampkin
William Randolph
Ann Loper
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

The minutes for July-October were approved.


Bill Randolph congratulated Council member Pat Lampkin on her new position as Interim Associate Vice President for Student Affairs.

Old Business:

1995/96 Budget Addendum Request:

Bill Randolph announced that, due to a scheduling error, Director of the Budget, Terry Lockard, would not be present. Bill distributed a handout showing the University's priorities for the budget addendum. The University is requesting funding for 3 of the 6 Centers which were cut last fiscal year. The 3 on the list are: Center for Liber- al Arts, Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics, and Carter Woodson Institute for Afro-American and African Studies. Bill Randolph will invite Terry Lockard to attend a future meeting, so that the Council can get a better understanding of the budget process and ways we might have an impact in the process.

Addenda to the By-laws:

John Alexander presented the final revision of the by-laws addenda including election procedures, redistribution of Council representation and terms of office for the current Council (the following terms expire in 1995: Perrin, Martin, Mayes, Fang, Alexander, Lampkin).

MOTION: B.P.Camden moved to accept the addenda as presented.

Motion was approved by Council

Beth will send copies of the by-laws and addenda to the President and Executive Council.

WFPA luncheon:

The Women's Faculty and Professional Association (WFPA) will sponsor a luncheon on Dec. 13 at 12:00 in the Colonnade Hotel, Garden Room. The Council will be the feature guests, and all General Faculty will be invited to attend.

Bill Randolph will give a presentation of our history, accomplishments and goals and then invite questions from the floor.

General Faculty Handbook:

Julie Martin has contacted Kathy Reed and Mair Devoursney of the Provost Office to discuss the idea of a General Faculty Handbook. Bill Randolph reported that a small group (K. Reed. R.Bouchard and ?Hendersen?) has been appointed to review the policy and procedures for General Faculty, but is not active currently. The Council agree that we needed a formal contact with this group to have input at an early stage. John Alexander agreed to draft a letter inviting the small group to the January meeting of the Council.

Committee on Faculty Governance:

Bill Randolph reported that he has attended the first meeting of the Comm. on Faculty Governance (part of the University's self-study). The group is chaired by Dan Larson and consists of mostly tenure-track faculty. They will look at the role of the Council in faculty governance as part of their charge. Their report is due in the spring.

Council Meeting time:

The Council agreed to meet on the second Tuesday for the months of December and January, and discuss the question of the meeting time again in January. Since not all Council members can make this time, perhaps a better time can be found if schedules change with the new semester.

New Business:

Travel restrictions:

Beth Picknally Camden distributed copies of memos from the Governor and the Provost on the new travel restrictions. These new restrictions will have an adverse impact on the professional development of General Faculty. B.P.Camden will draft a letter to the Provost, expressing the Council's support for the University's continuing efforts to improve this situation.

Next meeting:

Tuesday December 13, 1994 1:00-3:00 Colonnade Hotel, Garden Room

Business meeting will follow WFPA luncheon

Send agenda items to Beth Picknally Camden by December 6, 1994