November 12, 1996

Members Present:
Jennie Moody
Rob Walker Freer
Virginia Germino
Karen Grandage
Graham Grove
Douglas Hurd
Claire Kaplan

Members Absent:
Dearing Johns
Colleen Fitzpatrick

Also Present:
Elaine May Banner
Suzanne Louis

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

The October meeting was canceled due to a lack of a quorum.

1. Topic: Report by Doug Hurd

Delayed Pay
Doug reported on a meeting he had with Rebecca Kneedler from the Faculty Senate and Jan Cornell, Chair of the Employee Council. The three agreed to try and attend one another's meetings and share information on a more regular basis about the projects they are involved with. All three groups are concerned and interested in the State's proposed delayed pay plan. Doug offered to draft a statement that all three groups would endorse saying that the State's current delayed pay plan is unacceptable. Jennie made a motion for Doug to proceed with writing a draft statement and to circulate it to the membersip of the three bodies for comment. Claire seconded the motion; and all agreed.

Faculty Raises
Doug led a discussion about the Board of Visitors resolution that would allow University Administration to use a million dollars in private funds to augment faculty salaries over and above normal state increases to increase national competiveness. According to the information that Doug was able to obtain, the General Faculty would not be eligible for these increases. GFC Members agreed that a future memo might be drafted that would state their support for salary increases to support faculty at all levels, including the General Faculty.

2. Topic: Report from the Policy Committee

Jennie provided an update on the Policy Committee's first 1996 meeting that was held October 23. In addition to Jennie, Jane Penner, Suzanne Louis, Patricia Foley and Linda White (all from the WFPA) attended this meeting. The Policy Committee has identified two tasks to work on: (1) Putting the current draft form of the Index of Policies that apply to the General Faculty on the Web with hypertext links back to the actual policies; and (2) Investigating the formal orientation process for new General Faculty. It was agreed by all GFC members that it would be better for the invitation to attend new faculty orientation to come from the Provost's Office, rather than from the individual's Department or School. Doug distributed a draft charge to the Policy Committee for all GFC members to review. He has asked for feedback from all members before the December meeting, so that it can be accepted and voted on at that time. The text of the draft follows:

Whereas the ad hoc General Faculty Council Policy Committee has shown significant progress in identifying and organizing University policies that apply specifically to general faculty, and
Whereas, the ad hoc General Faculty Council Policy Committee recommends that the above mentioned policies and University Policies in general be regularly evaluated from the perspective of the general faculty,
The General Faculty Council hereby makes the Policy Committee a standing committee of the Council subject to its bylaws with the following charge:
The standing Policy Committee will identify, organize and make conveniently accessible University policies that apply specifically to general faculty. It will continually review these policies and will make recommendations for changes or additions to the Council.

3. Topic: Report from the WFPA

Suzanne Louis invited all Council members to attend an annual January Open House, sponsored by the WFPA, to meet and dialog with UVa general faculty. The proposed date is January 21 or 28, 1997, over the lunch hour in the Colonnade Club. The WFPA will send out invitations to all general faculty. Doug and all GFC members expressed their willingness to participate.

4. Topic: Report from the Elections Committee

Karen reported that she had contacted the three individuals suggesed as candidates for the vacant position in Student Affairs. Two have agreed to run, and Claire will add their names to the ballot. Hopefully, the ballots for Athletics and Student Affairs will be mailed out by the end of next week.

5. Topic: GFC Photograph

Elaine May Banner, from the Health Sciences Library, took several photos of the GFC membership for future inclusion on the GFC Web Page.

6. Next Meeting: December 10, 1996, in Peabody 110, 1:30 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Submitted by Karen Grandage, GFC Secretary.