November 11, 1997

Members Present:
Ronald Berube
Donal Day
Thomas Dowd
Rob Walker Freer
Joyce Green Pastors
Doug Hurd
Karen Grandage
Gail Gunter
Claire Kaplan
Jennie Moody
Mary Smith

Members Absent:
Dennis DeSilvey
Elizabeth Fortune
Graham Grove
Martin Hoard
Wayne Smith
Danny Wilmer

Others Attending:
Suzanne Louis
Mair Devoursney

Doug Hurd chaired the meeting.

1. Topic - Elections:

Doug announced that Elizabeth Fortune has agreed to head the Elections Committee through March, 1998. Claire Kaplan and Dennis DeSilvey have also agreed to serve with Elizabeth on the Elections Committee through the March, 1998 elections.

Six of the current GFC members will be rotating off the Council in March, 1998, plus there is a current vacancy in the College of Arts and Sciences that needs to be filled immediately. Current GFC members in the College of Arts and Sciences will spread the word to try and locate interested nominees prior to the formal Call for Nominations. The Council is very interested in increasing the diversity of its membership, and will try to encourage the nominations of minorities for any vacant seats.

A question was asked about whether current Council members could be re-elected for a second term. The By-Laws state that a Council member can serve one back-to-back term (By-Laws, page 3: "...have served no more than one immediately preceeding term on the Council.").

2.Topic - News from the Medical Center:

A Medical Center Council representative reported that the Medical Center will be reorganizing its Human Resources structure as a result of the State's passage of codified autonomy. The Medical Center now has the authority from the State to design their own personnel policies. Their hope is that this will enable them to stay competitive in the health care marketplace. The category of general faculty will no longer exist under these changes.

Once these changes are official, the Council will be able to take the two GF Council spots that currently represent Medical Center general faculty and redistribute them across the remaining areas of representation. The current grievance procedure will remain in place to safeguard employee rights under codified autonomy.

3. Topic - October Forum and Vice-Presidents Meeting:

Doug said that he felt very positive about the Open Forum held in October to discuss the proposed revision of the Policy on the General Faculty. Prior to the Forum it was decided that it should be a constituents meeting where the Council could brief the general faculty on the revision process and also solicit their feelings and opinions on the matter. He felt that these goals had been realized.

The same week as the Forum, Doug and 5 other members of Policy Working Group met with Peter Low and the UVa Vice Presidents on October 17. The purpose of the meeting was to brief Administration on the process to revise the Policy on the General Faculty. Peter Low provided the history of the process. He indicated that it was now up to the General Faculty Council and Vice-Presidents to adopt the revised policy that he has drafted or make suggestions for changes to the draft. He indicated his willingness to listen to all possibilities.

A summary of the major issues being looked at in the current draft include:

The GF Working Group met last week to develop a realistic timetable for reviewing the Policy. The schedule proposes having a draft of the revised Policy posted on the Web by mid-January for constituency review. Once this stage of the review is complete, the Council will begin the process of looking at additional policies that affect the general faculty such as financial stringency, professional research staff and the grievance procedure for administrative general faculty.

The Working Group decided to telescope its membership down to one person from each of the three subgroups in order to speed up the review process. They also decided to focus on drafting bulleted points rather than full-blown document wording. Weekly meeting dates were set through November and December, in hopes of having the work on this first stage done by the first of the year.

4. Next Meeting: December 9, 1997, in Room 389, Newcomb Hall, 12:30 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Submitted by Karen Grandage, GFC Secretary.