University of Virginia General Faculty Council

Minutes: November 10, 1998 meeting

Members Present:

Ron Berube

Donal Day

Dennis DeSilvey

Tom Dowd

Trish Foley

Elizabeth Fortune

Abby Gillette

Brad Holland

Carol Larson

Joyce Pastors

Jane Penner

Members Absent:

Barry Anderson

Martin Hoard

Mary Smith

Wayne Smith

Danny Wilmer

Also Present:

Clifton Ellis

Lynda S. White


Joyce Pastors chaired the meeting

  1. Donal Day introduced Clifton Ellis, a graduate student in the Architecture School and member of the University of Virginia Labor Action Group (LAG). Mr. Ellis made a presentation about the current LAG "Living Wage Campaign" at the University of Virginia. The goal of this campaign is to have the University adopt a "living wage" of $8.00 hour as its minimum wage. More information about LAG and the "Living Wage Campaign" can be had by e-mailing or calling 804-977-1497.
  2. After several questions of Mr. Ellis, and much discussion, the General Faculty Council decided to gather more information before deciding whether or not the Council will issue any sort of statement of support for the "Living Wage Campaign."

  3. Joyce Pastors gave an update on the proposed University Coordinating Council. On November 17 there will be another organizational meeting and Brad Holland has agreed to represent the General Faculty Council at that meeting. Brad will report on the meeting at the December General Faculty Council meeting.
  4. Dennis DeSilvey reported that the call for nominations to fill the two vacant Arts and Sciences council seats has generated two nominations. The nominees are sending Dennis their platform statements. Dennis DeSilvey and Trish Foley will send out electronic ballots to the Arts and Sciences constituency and Jane Penner will distribute paper ballots to general faculty members in the Department of Music that might not have access to the electronic ballots. The election will be resolved by the end of November. The new Council members will be announced at the December Council meeting and in place for the January meeting.
  5. Members of the council reviewed and discussed the proposed "Procedure for Elections" of General Faculty Council members. Minor changes were suggested.
  6. Members of the council reviewed and discussed the proposed revisions to the General Faculty Council bylaws. A discussion of whether or not a change needs to be made to the number of council members that constitute a quorum (Section VIII, D) led to a discussion of council member absenteeism. It was decided that a statement establishing the consequences for multiple absences from council meetings should be included in the bylaws. Joyce Pastors and Donal Day will draft a statement on absences and present it for review at the December council meeting.
  7. The next New Faculty Orientation program will be held in the Newcomb Hall Ballroom from 2:00-6:00 pm, Thursday, November 12, 1998. The General Faculty Council will have a booth providing information about the Council and its activities. Joyce Pastors, Trish Foley, and Tom Dowd have volunteered to staff the booth.
  8. Next Meeting - Tuesday, December 8, 12:30-2:00 pm, in 389 Newcomb Hall.

Submitted 11-20-98

Tom Dowd, Secretary

General Faculty Council