University of Virginia General Faculty Council (GFC)

Minutes: October 10, 2000 12:30-2:00 PM, Board Room, Newcomb Hall

Members Present: Mary Abouzeid, Frank Butros, Chuck Callaghan, Donal Day, Patricia Foley, Jim Freeman, Joe Gieck, Brad Holland, Carol Hunter, William Keene, Aaron Laushway, Maurice Lipper, Jane Penner, Jan Redick, Max Salinas, Betsy Tucker, Ellie Wilson

Members Absent: Barbara Millar

Others Present: Linda White

The meeting was chaired by Patricia Foley

1. Minutes of the September 12, 2000 meeting were approved.


2. Report from the Chair:

    1. Annual Report: Prior to the present meeting, Trish Foley had prepared and distributed to Council members an Annual Report for the Council term year 1999-2000. This report is the first annual report of Council activities and positions, and in general discussion it was decided that such a document could be very useful as background information for incoming Council members, as well as providing a continuity of information for current/long-time general faculty. It was decided that copies of the Annual Report should be handed out at the Resource Fair, and that the report should be posted on the website.
    2. Benefits Committee: Trish Foley reported that, at a recent meeting of the Benefits Committee, the principal topic of discussion was health benefits for part-time employees [including general faculty]. She related that it has been impossible, to date, to find an insurance company willing to provide health coverage for part-time employees. Insurance companies feel that this group represents an "adverse selection" ; their rationale being that part-time employees with health problems are more likely to purchase health insurance than those part-time employees who have few or no health problems, resulting in greater risk for insurers. At present, there is no provision for health care benefits for part time employees. However, the Benefits Committee is committed to finding a means to provide pro-rated health care coverage for this group. General discussion followed Ms. Foleyís comments, and the question of the role or responsibility of QualChoice to part-time UVA employees resulted in a Council consensus that it would be most interesting and helpful to have representatives from QaulChoice attend a future Council meeting to address two issues: (1) the relationship of the QualChoice organization to physicians, UVA employees, and to Martha Jefferson personnel, and (2) current status of QualChoice health care coverages...have there been any major changes that we should be aware of, and what is coming in the near future. It was suggested that we contact Tom Gausvikís office prior to inviting QualChoice to address a future Council meeting.
    3. New Faculty Welcome and Resource Fair: Trish Foley reminded Council of the Resource Fair scheduled from 2-4 PM on Wednesday, November 8, 2000. Jan Redick and Ellie Wilson will man the booth. Pens to hand out have been ordered with the Councilís name and website address. Jan and Ellie will purchase candy, and appropriate booth decorations. Literature handouts will include a mission statement and the Annual Report for Council year 1999-2000.

  1. Committee Reports:
  1. Academic Affairs: Aaron Laushway reported that discussion of the Harrison Awards (awarded to undergraduate students who propose research projects which involve significant collaboration and interaction with faculty members) occupied much of the time at a recent meeting of the Academic Affairs Committee. In addition, he stated that a most interesting presentation on the topic of "Electronic Publishing" was presented by Karin Wittenborg and a colleague from Alderman Library. Council members were intrigued by this, and it was decided to invite them to make a similar presentation at a future Council meeting.
  2. Research and Scholarship Committee: Donal Day, who was not able to attend the recent meeting of this group, nonetheless reported that, based on materials sent him following the meeting, most of the time was taken up in dealing with the Harrison Awards (referred to in a. above).
  3. Faculty Training Task Force: Carol Hunter has attended two meetings of this group and urged Council members to give her feedback to take to the next meeting. The task force is attempting to identify the skills and tools which the community requires and to develop the methods for delivering the necessary training to individuals. Her present request is for Council members to send her a listing of the skills which are needed in the workplace: such as website development, use of ToolKit, use of other software applications, etc. She will relay these needs to the committee.


  1. Policy on the General Faculty: Jane Penner reported that there is progress! Alex Johnson took a September 23, 2000 draft of the policies to the Provostís office for review. He and Kathy Reed were to meet today (October 10, 2000) to go over the draft and any revisions. Alex will contact Jane as soon as they are ready, and Jane will convene the Councilís Committee on Policies to review the new draft.
  2. Bill Keene distributed a draft document he had previously prepared entitled "General Faculty Council Representation;" a compilation of information he had gleaned from the Faculty Handbook and from the by-laws of the General Faculty Council. Apparently there is no clear definition of exactly who is represented by the Council, and Bill is spearheading an attempt to draw up a document which will elucidate this. To assist Bill in this effort, Council members were asked to send to him any titles or job classifications which should be included.
  3. Bill Keene also reported on recent activity of the Faculty Forum for Scientific Research. In a recent letter to Gene Block from that organization, concerns about policies affecting research faculty were expressed and potential solutions suggested. Bill stated that that letter was a result of Gene Blockís attendance at a Council meeting during the past year, and that a response from Council would be appropriate. Trish Foley will author a letter to Gene Block asking what steps he envisions in response to the letter from the Forum. She will send a draft to Council members for approval before posting.

  4. "Town Meetings" : Trish reminded individual Council members to set dates and make preparations for these meetings. Members are to let her know the dates and locations as soon as possible. Members are to send out email invitations to their constituents.

7. It was decided to hold the December 12th meeting at Sponsorís Hall, when a more festive seasonal social event would be appropriate. The present meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM.


NEXT MEETING: November 14, 2000 12:30 PM Location: Commonwealth Room , Newcomb Hall


Submitted by: Jan Redick