University of Virginia General Faculty Council (GFC)


Minutes:  Tuesday, October 8, 2002            Time: 12:00 -1:30 p.m. 

Place:  Newcomb Hall Boardroom (376)


All Members Present:  Mary Abouzeid, Elaine Attridge, Jann Balmer, Jennifer Bauerle, Donal Day, Rosie Dunn, James Freeman, Phil Gates, Robbie Greenlee, George Hashisaki, Carol Hunter, Bill Keene, Lotta Lofgren, Barbara Millar, Chris Milner, Greg Strickland, Lynda White, Ellie Wilson.


Guests:  Patricia Froggett, Chuck Callaghan, Robert DeVoursney


Meeting was chaired by Lynda White




-         Robbie sent an email listing upcoming UVa sponsored employee trips.

-         There will be an Assembly of Professors on Monday, Oct. 14, 2002 at 7PM in the Chemistry Auditorium.  The Assembly includes General Faculty. 

-         Third Thursdays: This is a Happy Hour for faculty members held every third Thursday of the month.  The next scheduled event is Thursday, Oct. 17, 2002, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Pavilion VII - Solarium.  This is a good opportunity to meet other faculty members.

-         Education School Seminar:  The special guest speaker was Mr. Peter Blake, Deputy Education Secretary for Virginia.  Lynda had an opportunity to discuss with Mr. Blake the fact that the General Assembly does not give General Faculty raises equal to that of instructional faculty. His response was that this is because the GA thinks that national searches are not done for General Faculty positions.

-         The GFA has been invited to attend the Faculty Senate meeting on Thursday.  Elaine Attridge volunteered to represent us.


Old Business


-         Photos:  Chris took pictures of GFC members to post on the GFC web site.

-         Budget Report:  The budget stands at $2,307.  Last year's carryover has not been added back in yet.

-         Faculty Senate Retreat:  Lynda and other GFC executive committee members attended this meeting. They were graciously welcomed by the Chair, Michael Smith. The main topic was the budget.  Lynda had an opportunity to discuss with Ann Bromley, an editor of Inside UVA, the possibility of an article about the General Faculty.


-         Block Invitation:  Lynda distributed an e-mail sent to Provost Gene Block inviting him to the next GFC meeting in Nov. 12, 2002.  He has accepted the invitation.


Representative Reports


-         Research:  Donal

The Committee has not met.


-         Academic Affairs:  Phil

Phil was not able to attend the last Academic Affairs meeting because the notice was too short.


-         CCUG:  Barbara

The Committee has not met.


-         Benefits:  Carol

This Committee will meet on Oct. 16, 2002; Carol is on the agenda to discuss part-time benefits. 


Committee Reports


-         Bylaws:  Phil (see attached report)

Phil handed out a list of General Faculty Council constituencies broken down by department.  The committee proposed that the administration and schools be divided among their representatives and elections held accordingly. The Council voted to approve this plan.  Lynda stated that one goal is to have an email list of constituents for each Council member.  She and Lotta will begin working on job descriptions for a new GFC Procedure Manual that will include guidelines directing the next Council representatives from Medicine and Arts and Sciences to divide up their constituencies soon after elections.


-         Elections:  Ellie

Ellie stated that the group had a virtual meeting and will meet next month.


-         Communication:  Jann (see attached report)

1.      Webmaster - Jann is still working to find a webmaster.

2.      Logo - Due to budgetary constraints she suggested that using the webmaster to design a logo should wait.

3.      Forum - The group will set up a forum in the next couple of months to which Gene Block and Leonard Sandridge will be invited.


-         Data Collection:  Jim/Lynda

The group did not meet pending results of the welcome letter survey.


-         Policy:  Bill (see attached report)

Bill commented on main points from the email he sent to GFC members this week.  He will send a letter to Gene Block in a few weeks to inquire about the status of the General Faculty Policy.

o       Benefits:  Lotta and Carol

Lotta stated that eleven of the twelve SCHEV peer institutions examined offer some health contract to its part time faculty who are 50% FTE or more; the twelfth offers health insurance to 75% + FTE. Of the eleven, eight subsidize costs at the same rate for part- and full-time employees.  Among the three others, one subsidizes at a reduced rate, and two require that part time employees pay the entire cost of the plan. There were about 250 part time general faculty members at UVA who work 50% FTE or more according to a 1996 study, the last time the figures were compiled. [Currently there are 253 part-time General Faculty of which 112 are 50% FTE or more.]



General Discussion


-         Bill suggested inviting Inside UVA when Lotta and Carol present their case at the Benefits Committee meeting.

-         Ellie moved that the GFC endorse the health benefits issue as one of our missions to support.  The motion was approved.


The meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m.


Next meeting:  Tuesday, November 12, 2002, 12-1:30 p.m. Room 376, Newcomb Hall Boardroom.  Guest:  Provost Gene Block





By-Laws Committee:


Met Friday Sept 22.


Discussed:  General By-Laws Revisions Process, Proxy procedure, and Re-allocation procedure and needs.


In re revision procedure:  over the next couple of months each By-Laws committee member will review the ByLaws for ideas, problems etc.before December meeting and report recommendations to the committee as a whole at the December meeting;


In re the proxy procedure:  the current By Laws have such a procedure in place -- allows for any member to send a proxy, given a heads up to the chair and a that a proxy vote may be given to another council member, again with a heads up to the chair.


In re Re-allocation:  this is a procedure that the Council itself is in charge of, and must be done at least every four years.


I am attaching an excel program in which the current allocation/apportionment is detailed.  Below in the body of this email I indicate a proposal from teh ByLaws Committee for re-allocation. Essentially what we did was to codify how some areas should be distributed when there are multiple reps, but we need help figuring out how to do that for Med School and Arts & Sciences. Thanks.


Total 18 members


Proposed New Breakdown:


Admin (2 reps for 373 personnel)

     1) Business Operations, Pres Offc, VP Dvlpmnt, VP Finance, VP Mngmnt/Bdgt  (158 personnel)

     2) Exec VP & COO offc, CP & CIO, VP & Provost, VP Res & Ps (162 personnel)

College at Wise would be distributed equally between the two (53 personnel)


Arts & Sci (3 reps for 328 personnel)


Athletics (1 rep for 99 personnel)


Engr School (1rep for 114  personnel)


OTHER SCHOOLS & CENTERS (3 reps  for 215 personnel)

    1) Arch, Comm, Nursing  (71 personnel)

    2) Con Ed, Curry (Ed School), SW Higher Ed Ctr  (77 personnel)

    3) Darden, Law (67  personnel)


Library  (1 rep for 59 personnel)


Med School & Health System: (4 reps for 818  personnel)


VP Stu Affairs (1 rep for 76  personnel)


At-Large (2 reps)


TOTAL 18 Reps.



Communication Committee:


There are a couple of issues that probably warrant some brief discussion

1) clarification about the differences between academic non-tenure track and non specified non-tenure track---I think that there may be some inherent inconsistencies in the application of these relatively fine cuts in faculty appointments

2) The GFC needs to decide how much information they feel like they need from its constituents in order to serve them --- After looking at the Med School list, the overlap between GF and Academic faculty is significant--- but I want to be sure that this isn't just a function of the School of Medicine because there doesn't seem to be any identification of academic-non-tenure track----

3) the recommendation for a profile sheet is to create a database of that fosters the development of special interest groups within the general faculty that might be useful to us in our discussions with Nancy Rivers and others about our role within the university community as a whole.



Policy Committee:


19 September 2002


Attendees:  Donal Day, Carol Hunter, Bill Keene, Lotta Lofgren, Lynda White, Ellie Wilson


Purpose:  To review progress in meeting committee objectives and to plan strategy for the corresponding next steps.


Action Items:


-         In collaboration with Lotta, Lynda will draft a message to Gene Block inviting him 1) to attend the November 02 meeting of the GFC and 2) to participate in a subsequent forum to which all general faculty would be invited.  Specific topics of discussion would include 1) consequences of the current financial crisis for general faculty and 2) ways in which general faculty might be better utilized to aid the University in its mission, particularly during the financial crisis (e.g., teaching).  The draft will be circulated to the committee for comment before posting.


-         Bill will draft a message to Gene Block to be posted 2 or 3 weeks after Lynda’s message requesting that he update council on the current status of 1) action on the revised draft Policy on the General Faculty and 2) consideration of issues specific to Research Faculty detailed in the summary Bill prepared and posted at the request of General Counsel.  The draft will be circulated to the committee for comment before posting.


-         Lotta and Carol will continue assembling information on the availability of benefits for part-time faculty at UVA’s “peer” institutions.


-         Because they are interrelated to some extent, we will not attempt to clarify grievance procedures until after the revised Policy on the General Faculty has been approved and implemented.


-         We recommend that the objective involving Oracle (see below) be moved from the Policy Committee to the Data Collection Committee.  Although this issue clearly impacts all committees, it would appear to be more directly relevant to data collection rather than policy.


-         As Oracle approaches full implementation, we will continue to work with the Data Collection Committee and with HR to develop reliable algorithms with which to identify all subsets of General Faculty as functions of council representation and related relevant info (title, school/department/unit, full/part time, with/without ECE, etc.).


-         We recommend that, in collaboration with the Communications Committee, our committee invite local members of the state legislature to participate in a forum, to which all general faculty would be invited.


-         We endorse the GFC’s initiative through its Bylaws Committee to more equitably reapportion representation on the council among the University’s units.


-         We recommend that the GFC’s 17 current objectives be consolidated into a more manageable and focused subgroup and also reorganized somewhat into more logical groupings.  Bill agreed to draft and circulate a revision of the Policy Committee’s objectives along these lines.  The 8 current objectives and a draft revised group of 5 objectives (4 of which remain under the Policy Committee) are as follows:




·        Continue working with the Provost and General Counsel to revise the Policy on General Faculty until is it approved by the Provost and President

·        Continue working with the Provost and General Counsel in clarifying policy-related issues specific to research faculty

·        Propose health benefits for part-time General faculty, working with other groups as necessary

·        Clarify, and revise, as necessary, the grievance procedure for the General Faculty

·        Work with University administrators to ensure that General Faculty are identifiable in the new Oracle database and to ensure that Council can extract relevant information that accurately details the current composition (who/what/where) of the University’s General Faculty

·        Develop/implement a plan to make state legislators aware of the General Faculty category of state workers

·        Advocate on behalf of the General Faculty to senior administration

·        Address the salary increase discrepancies among general faculty and tenured/tenure-track faculty, and classified staff





·        Continue working with the Provost and General Counsel to finalize the revised Policy on General Faculty and to clarify policy-related issues specific to research faculty

·        Propose health benefits for part-time General faculty, working with other groups as necessary

·        Clarify and revise as necessary the grievance procedure for the General Faculty

·        Make state legislators aware of the General Faculty as a discrete category of state employees and encourage them to eliminate the salary increase disparities between general faculty and tenured/tenure-track faculty.





·        Work with University administrators to ensure that General Faculty are identifiable in the new Oracle database and that the GFC is able to directly extract relevant information that accurately details the current composition (who/what/where) of the General Faculty