OCTOBER 13, 1993


John Alexander
Ann Loper
Pam Bouchard
Julia Martin
* Beth Camden
Bernard Mayes
Mark Doherty
Richard McGuire
* Wei Li Fang
Bill Randolph
Patricia Lampkin
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

Beth Camden had Linda White attend in her absence. Li Fang had Cindy Sanborn attend in her absence.

The minutes of the September 8, 1993 meeting were approved.


Inside UVA Publicity - Ann Loper announced the article on the GFC did appear in Inside UVA.

Meeting with Leonard Sandridge -Julia Martin met with Leonard Sandridge to discuss the proposed Administrative Faculty Compensation Plan. The plan has not been approved and for that reason a copy cannot be released to the GFC. Mr. Sandridge indicated there is concern on the part of the administration that the implementation of such a plan would seriously impact the flexibility that currently exists in making salary determinations. Mr. Sandridge also discussed the current budget situation and indicated that the general faculty will not be targeted for reductions. Mr. Sandridge indicated he would like to be kept informed regarding problems and concerns that are brought to the GFC.


Meetings - Ann Loper indicated the poll of members to decide whether the meetings of the GFC should be open or closed resulted in a tie. Members indicated concern regarding holding open meetings before the bylaws are complete.
MOTION by Bill Randolph to open meetings by January. Second by Bernard Mayes. Passed.

GFC Grievance Procedure - Mark Doherty indicated he has been contacted by a member of the general faculty regarding the council's role in the grievance procedure. Members were asked to review the Grievance Procedure for Administrative General Faculty and the Faculty Senate Mediation Procedures to be ready to discuss at the next meeting. According to Linda White, the WFPA feels there are problems with the current policy and there is need for revision.

GFC Response to SCHEV Report - Julia Martin recommended that the GFC respond to the report of the Steering Committee of the Assembly of Professors and the Faculty Senate which appeared in the October 1, 1993 issue of Inside UVA. Members were asked to review the report. Bernard Mayes will draft a statement and forward it to Julia to be sent to members of the GFC for comment.

All comments/suggested revisions are to be sent to Julia.

Bernard Mayes reported that he attended a meeting on September 27, 1993 in which Vice President and Provost Tom Jackson urged faculty members to speak with members of the University's Board of Visitors regarding the need to maintain quality in spite of financial pressures to maintain national standing. Bernard volunteered to represent the GFC to the BOV.

By-laws - John Alexander distributed a revised draft of the by-laws. Revisions were made based on comments from the last meeting. Revisions will be made based on discussion and discussion will continue at next meeting.


There was no new business.

Next meeting: November 10, 1993 l:00pm - 3:00pm Vice President's Conference Room, McKim Hall, Room 3001