University of Virginia
General Faculty Council
Minutes: October 12, 1999 meeting

MEMBERS PRESENT: Donal Day – Arts & Sciences, Tom Dowd – Other Schools, Trish Foley – Medical School, Elizabeth Fortune – Other Schools, Joe Gieck – Athletics, Abby Gillette – Other Schools, Brad Holland – Administration, Aaron Laushway – Student Affairs, Joyce Pastors – Medical School, Jane Penner – Libraries, Jan Redick – Medical School, Mary Smith – Engineering, and Betsy Tucker – Arts & Sciences

MEMBERS ABSENT: Susan Andrews – Administration, Dennis DeSilvey – Medical School, and Nancy Garlick – Arts and Sciences

ALSO PRESENT: Mary Abouzeid, Susan Lee Foard, Marcia Invernizzi, and Lynda White

Jane Penner chaired the meeting

1.  The minutes from the September GFC Meeting were approved.

2.  Chair’s Report:

  1. A reporter from the Cavalier Daily has expressed interest in attending GFC meetings and has asked to be added to the gen-fac electronic mail list. The Council felt that this was a good idea and authorized the addition of the reporter to the gen-fac electronic mailing list.
  2. A letter has been sent from the GFC to President Casteen inquiring about the status of wage increases for administrative/professional general faculty in the next U.Va. budget. Classified Staff, Academic Faculty, and Academic General Faculty received substantially higher wage increases in the last U.Va. budget than did Administrative/Professional General Faculty. Academic Faculty, and Academic General Faculty were budgeted for a 6.5% salary increase, Classified Staff were budgeted for a 6.25% salary increase, and Administrative/Professional General Faculty were budgeted for a 4% salary increase.
  3. The GFC representatives to the Faculty Senate committees will watch for opportunities to attend upcoming Faculty Senate committee meetings. Jane Penner will contact the Faculty Senate secretary to make sure she knows who the GFC representatives are.
  4. Jane Penner, Elizabeth Fortune, and Tom Dowd will represent the GFC at a November 19 briefing on the 2000 General Assembly session. The briefing session is being hosted by Nancy Rivers, U.Va.’s Director of State Governmental Relations.

3.  Brad Holland, GFC representative to the Coordinating Committee for University-Wide Groups (CCUG) had nothing new to report on CCUG activities.

4.  Update on the proposed revisions to the Policy on the General Faculty. On September 29 Jane Penner and Joyce Pastors met with Alex Johnson, Vice Provost for Faculty Recruitment, and Kathy Reed, Associate Provost for Management, to continue working through the proposed revisions. They are about one-third of the way through the document. An interesting and long discussion about promotion in academic rank clarified U.Va. policy. Administrative/Professional General Faculty hold the rank of lecturer and cannot be promoted to a higher rank. Academic General Faculty can advance in rank if they show significant achievement in two of the three categories – teaching, scholarship, service – used to determine promotion in rank for tenured/tenure track faculty. Promotion in academic rank for Academic General Faculty is not tied to salary increase. The next, and hopefully final, meeting on the proposed revisions will be held on October 22, 1999. There may be a draft of the revised Policy on General Faculty available for GFC consideration in November. Alex Johnson and Kathy Reed have agreed to come to a forum after the first of the year to discuss issues that arise from the revisions and revision process.

5.  Trish Foley and Jan Redick reported that the new U.Va. Human Resources Web site,, is a huge improvement over the old site. The benefits matrix is useful and there are links to many useful documents. There is very little information for research staff. The GFC will continue to monitor this site.

6.  Donal Day reported that the GFC Bylaw amendment election is going well. Over 200 votes have been received so far. The deadline for casting ballots is Friday, October 15. A report on the result of the election will be made at the next GFC meeting.

7.  Donal Day will monitor U.Va. legislative updates for items of interest to the GFC.

8.  Elizabeth Fortune and Abby Gillette reported that they will get the updated count and list of general faculty members at U.Va on or around November 1. Once they have that list they will examine it and present some reapportionment scenarios at the November GFC meeting.

9.  NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, November 16, 1999 - 12:30-2:00 pm. Location: 389 Newcomb Hall

Submitted October 21, 1999
Tom Dowd, Secretary
General Faculty Council