University of Virginia General Faculty Council (GFC)

Minutes: September 11, 2001 12:00-12:20 PM, Room 389 Newcomb


Members Present: Jann Balmer, Frank Butros, Donal Day, James Freeman, Joe Gieck, Carol Hunter, Bill Keene, Aaron Laushway, Lotta Lofgren, Jan Redick, Lynda White, Ellie Wilson

Members Absent: Mary Abouzeid, Chuck Callaghan, Rosie Dunn, Maurice Lipper, Barbara Millar, Max Salinas


The meeting was chaired by Frank Butros

In the immediate aftermath of the horrific and tragic terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon (including the crash of a hijacked jetliner in Pennsylvania) which took place on the morning of September 11, 2001, it was decided to defer the planned agenda items until the October meeting.


  1. Minutes of the July 12, 2001 meeting were approved as corrected.
  2. Chairís Report:
  3. Frank Butros announced that Max Salinas is going to enter a PhD program and will be going off the council. It will be necessary to hold an election to fill the remainder of his term.

    Frank Butros reported that there will be an incentive plan for General Faculty, and that it has been recommended that the recognition be a monetary reward.

    In response to a letter sent to Trish Foley asking for a representative on the Benefits Committee, Carol Hunter agreed to serve.

  4. Other business:

Bill Keene is following up on the status of the draft policy and to that end has contacted Anda Webb.

It was decided that the new Provost, Gene Block, will be invited to attend a future meeting of the General Faculty Council.

Following general discussion of this dayís tragic events, members of the General Faculty Council observed a minute of silence before adjournment.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:20.


NEXT MEETING: October 9, 2001 12:00 noon, Room 389, Newcomb Hall

Submitted by: Jan Redick