SEPTEMBER 14, 1994


John Alexander
* Julia Martin
Beth Picknally Camden
* Bernard Mayes
* Mark Doherty
* James McGowan
Wei Li Fang
* Tom Perrin
Patricia Lampkin
William Randolph
* Ann Loper
Richard Sealock
* indicates members absent

Since a quorum of members was not present, no actions requiring a vote were taken.


By-laws addenda:

J. Alexander presented eight options for redistributing the Council seats. The following option met with the consensus of the Council members present: merge Other Schools and Centers with two representatives, add one representative for the Medical School (for a total of three) and other areas would remain the same. This option will be voted on at the next meeting in the by-laws addenda proposal.

Domestic Partner Benefits

W. Randolph distributed a letter from Leonard Sandridge in response to our motion on domestic partner benefits. The Board of Visitors will not consider at this time.

Faculty Orientation Packet

B.P.Camden announced that an information sheet on the Council was included in orientation packets for new faculty members.

Council Attendance

B.P.Camden noted that throughout the summer we have had difficulty in having a quorum at meetings. A summary of attendance over the last year was distributed.


Committee on Faculty Governance

W.Randolph announced that he has been invited, as chair of the Council, to serve on a new University Committee on Faculty Governance. This committee is part of the University's self study.

Employee Assistance Program

Alan Cohen of the Employee Assistance Program has contacted W.Randolph to suggest that he make a presentation at a future meeting of the Council. The Council agreed that the handouts he provided were sufficient information on the program: a presentation was not necessary at this time.

Goals for 1994/1995

B.P. Camden suggested that we should set goals for the current council year. Bill suggested that we need to find ways to met with our constituents. The discussion of goals will continue at the next meeting. Beth will provide copies of the survey results from May 1994 to help with the discussion.

Next meeting:
Wednesday October 12, 1994 1:00-3:00
Vice President's Conference Rm., McKim Hall, Rm. 3001

Send agenda items to Beth Picknally Camden by October 7, 1994