SEPTEMBER 12, 1995


Beth Picknally Camden
Virginia Germino
*Shawn Campbell
* Dearing Johns
James Clack
Ann Loper
* Mark Doherty
*James McGowan
Colleen Fitzpatrick
*William Randolph
*Hilton Fowler
* Indicates Members Absent

Ann Loper chaired the meeting in the absence of President Bill Randolph. The meeting was called to order at 1:05 PM and the absence of a quorum was noted.

Loper announced that Randolph has appointed Clack and Gail Oltmanns to the University Benefits Committee.

A General Faculty Forum will be held on 30 January 1996 in the Garden Room of the Colonnade Hotel from 12 noon until 1:30 PM.

An information sheet describing the General Faculty Council was distributed to all new faculty at their orientation earlier in September.

It has been proposed that "Academic General Faculty" be represented, allowed to vote, and to hold office in the Faculty as discussed at length and resulted in a number of questions and issues being raised including:
1. What is the definition of an "Academic General Faculty Member," and how can they be distinguished from other members of the General Faculty;
2. How do general faculty who do not have their employment in an academic department have representation in University matters?; and
3. Concern was expressed over the motivation of the Faculty Senate wishing to represent a portion of the General Faculty.

Fitzpatrick and Camden will initiate a nomination and election procedure in the College of Arts & Sciences in October in order to replace Richard Sealock who has resigned from the Council.

Camden presented "Addenda to the By-Laws" for consideration of the Council Members present. Further, she presented proposed changes to the By-Laws that have resulted from prior Council meetings. These proposals will be mailed to Council members so that they may review them prior to voting on their adoption at the October meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 PM. Next meeting will be

October 10, 1995 in peabody 110 from 1 until 3 PM.

Submitted by Jim Clack