University of Virginia General Faculty Council

Minutes: September 8, 1998

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Barry Anderson

Dennis DeSilvey

Tom Dowd

Trish Foley

Elizabeth Fortune

Abby Gillette

Carol Larson

Joyce Pastors

Jane Penner

Mary Smith

Ron Berube

Donal Day

Martin Hoard

Brad Holland

Wayne Smith

Danny Wilmer

Susan Foard

Bill Randolph

Katie Thornsvard

Lynda S. White


Joyce Pastors chaired the meeting


  1. Integrated Systems Project: Bill Randolph and Katie Thornsvard made a presentation to council members about U.Va.ís Integrated Systems Project. This project is part of a multi-year effort to improve the quality and effectiveness of administrative services available to students, funding agencies, faculty, staff, and others. During the course of this project all current student, financial, and human resources systems will be replaced. Detailed information about the Integrated Systems Project can be found on the web at the following two sites:

  3. Policy on the General Faculty: Joyce Pastors reported on status of the draft Policy on the General Faculty that was sent to Provost Peter Low on July 13. The Provost has received the materials and thanked the General Faculty Council for its work. Joyce will e-mail the Provost to inquire about where the review process stands and to extend an invitation to him to attend a future Council meeting to discuss the draft Policy. A copy of the draft Policy will also be sent to Associate Provost for Management, Kathy Reed to help keep her informed about the process.
  4. Filling existing vacancies on the General Faculty Council: By October 1 Joyce Pastors and Donal Day will send out a call for nominations for the two vacant College of Arts and Sciences seats on the General Faculty Council. Ballots for the election of these two representatives will go out during the last week of October.
  5. Council members were encouraged to contact, between October 1 and October 13, general faculty members they know in the College of Arts and Sciences to encourage them to get their names into nomination. This personal contact will be very important in generating nominations.

  6. Dealing with future vacancies on the General Faculty Council: A meeting of the executive committee will be called before the next council meeting to discuss the current council by-laws governing elections, to examine issues of representation, and to discuss ways of simplifying the process of filling vacancies on the council.
  7. Next Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 13, 12:30-2:00pm, in 389 Newcomb Hall.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tom Dowd


General Faculty Council