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Why I Give

Reconstructing Ties to Charlottesville

Dan Crocker
Daniel Crocker (Graduate Arts & Sciences '95)

Daniel Crocker’s involvement with a U.Va. engineering class in Panama City, Panama, led him to reflect on his own time spent in Charlottesville.Through his position at the US Embassy in Panama, he helped coordinate events for students participating in a January term class in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Renewing a Familiar Bond

Laila Ouhamou (Col '06)

Last fall, when Laila Ouhamou (Col ’06) attended a reception for alumni given by President Teresa Sullivan, she did not expect it to feel as if she was coming home.

Sustaining What Works

John DeYoung
John DeYoung (Engr ’99)

John DeYoung understands the value of a fundamentally sound design. A senior manager for noise and vibrations testing at the Nissan Technical Center in Stanfield, Ariz., he credits the strong fundamentals and balance in his undergraduate experience in the School of Engineering and Applied Science as a foundation for much of his success.

Living the Liberal Arts

Rachael Eller (Col ’12)

Rachael Eller is living the wisdom of her liberal arts training every day. The recent graduate, an art history and English double major, has worked at The Fralin Museum of Art since the start of her fourth year.

Fostering a Sense of Connection

Weber Joel2
Joel Weber (Darden ’10)

Growing up as the child of two U.Va. faculty members, Joel Weber (Darden ’10) has deep roots at the University. While he earned his undergraduate degree at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, when he was looking around for an MBA program the Darden School of Business was his only choice. Steeped as he is in the traditions and value of Mr. Jefferson’s University, Weber also knows the importance of supporting the institution…the whole institution.


Strengthening Her Community

Lily Bowles (Col '12)

Lily Bowles is all about making connections. During her four years at the University, this Jefferson Scholar from Washington, DC, has been on the forefront of developing initiatives designed to link members of the University with academic and civic engagement activities that they are passionate about.


Grateful Parents’ Support Extends from U.Va. to the River Thames

Denise and Doug Stuard (Parents ’13)

At an hour when most students are still sound asleep, Scott Stuard (Col ’13) is already putting hand to oar in one of his grueling six-days-a-week rowing practices.

Rowing hasn’t always been Scott’s thing. In fact, before walking on to the Virginia Men’s Rowing team in 2009, he had never touched an oar—nor was he a morning person. Now, however, he accepts 5-a.m. wakeup calls without hesitation.


Acknowledging a Top-Notch Education, Non-Traditional Law Student Finds Great Value at U.Va.

Douglas Andre (Law ’09)

Douglas Andre considered himself a very discerning customer when he chose to enroll in the School of Law. After completing a 22-year career as an officer in the U.S. Navy, he wanted to enter the field of tax law. But it was his own money he was spending—and three years of salary he was foregoing—in order to go to law school, so he wanted to be sure he got his money’s worth.


A Gift from Across the World

Tashi Tsering (Engr ’04)

Tibetans around the globe have Tashi Tsering (Engr ’04), and a few others, to thank for being able to type in their native language and alphabet on their computers—a capability most of us take for granted.

“If your machine is running Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can type and process Tibetan language on these systems,” explained Tsering, (more…)

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