University of Virginia Giving

Why I Give

Double ‘Hoo Gives Back as She Journeys Forward

Jessica Childress (Col ’07, Law ’10)

From a young age, Jessica Childress (Col ’07, Law ’10) had a “profound appreciation for U.Va.” instilled in her—primarily by her mother, a Curry School alumna, and her grandfather, a former University employee. Thus, it is unsurprising that after seven years on Grounds, the now licensed attorney has found herself heeding a lesson learned early in her college career: taking ownership of one’s alma mater means assuming a leading role in its future.


Breezing Out of the Comfort Zone

Lisa Holloway2
Lisa Holloway Barber (Col ’03)

Lisa Holloway Barber wasn’t prepared for the culture of scholarship she found when she arrived at U.Va. Growing up in a working class family, she attended average schools where she was rarely required to think in order to get good grades. All that changed when she got to the University.


Better Late Than Never

Douglas Moll (McIntire '91)

Douglas Moll was shocked to read the e-mail from one of his former classmates announcing the progress toward his class’s 20-year reunion giving goals. He remembers thinking that the original goal would easily be achieved. But when the note came indicating that the percentage of his classmates who contributed to the University was well below the target—and he was among the members who had not given—Moll was spurred into action.


The Power of Matching Gifts

Madeline Chiavini (McIntire ’11)

As an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame, Madeline Chiavini sampled a wide variety of courses. When she graduated in 2010 with a degree in literature and philosophy and a passion for the workings of the financial world, however, she knew she had to fill in some gaps in order to qualify for a graduate program in finance. So she entered the masters’ program at the McIntire School of Commerce.

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