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Upgrade/Construct Storm Water Management/Access Road ($2,000,000)

Project Description: This project constructs a new entrance road, major pedestrian walks, storm water management measures, and other site improvements. The project will (1) improve pedestrian safety by directing vehicular traffic away from pedestrian areas and (2) add storm water management structures to existing road and parking lots. The storm water projects are required to complete the requirements of the Virginia Storm Water Management Regulations.

Consequences if not funded: If this project is not funded, the College will not be able to improve pedestrian safety by reducing vehicular pedestrian conflicts. In addition, the College will not be able to improve its management of storm water runoff, which will hinder its attempts to minimize its impact on downstream conditions. As experienced in March 2002, heavy rains in the region create severe flooding problems.

Relation to enrollment growth: The project is part of the College’s plan to enhance the campus environment in support of an increasing enrollment.

Renovate/Expand Drama Building ($7,475,000)

Project Description: This project renovates the College’s Drama Building, which is a 10,300 gross square foot structure, and constructs a 19,000 square foot addition. The building was constructed in 1974. The building has never been renovated, and is in need of general renovations, systems upgrades, and accessibility improvements to meet current standards. The facility is inadequate for the College’s music, dance, and performing arts programs. Improved and additional space is required for instruction, practice, and performances. The music and dance components are currently located in trailers. At times the College has rented space in town for purposes of rehearsal and performances.

The Drama Building Renovation and Addition Project will provide new and refurbished space for theater, music, dance instruction, practice, and performances. This project will address deficiencies in the auditorium space, poor seating arrangements, inadequate lobby space, and insufficient wing and fly space in the backstage area. It will include the construction of acoustically treated rooms for practice and chamber performances, as well as areas for instruction.

Consequences if not funded: The existing building is currently rated poor in the Facilities Condition Index due to a backlog in needed systems upgrades. Without this project, the building will continue to face extensive operational problems and costs. The College will also be required to lease trailers for the program. Without this project, the College's Performing and Visual Arts Program cannot develop or expand its offerings and enrollment.

Relation to enrollment growth: This area is a core component of the College. The project will support enrollment and improve retention. The expanded facility will allow the music, dance, and performing arts programs to expand their offerings and to increase their enrollments. In addition, studies have indicated that the lack of cultural activities is a key factor in student transfers to other colleges.

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