U.Va. Graduate Guide

Area Political Groups

Albemarle County Democratic Party

Volunteers needed to help with campaigns and other activities for local and statewide elections. Only open during campaigns.

Albemarle County Democratic Party | (434) 296-1865 | 223 W. Main St. (Downtown Mall)

Albemarle County Republican Committee

Volunteers needed to help with elections, phone banks, and fund-raising activities throughout the year. A Republican Women's Club also available.

Albemarle County Republican Committee | (434) 974-1617 | 2160 Viburnum Court | kdrake@adelphia.net

Charlottesville Democratic Party

Information on local and state Democratic news and events. In addition there is voter information and volunteer opportunities.

Charlottesville Democratic Party | (434) 978-7040 | webmaster@cvilledems.org

Charlottesville Republican Committee

Information on local, state, and national GOP news. "Our quest is to inform and educate the citizenry of Charlottesville about Republican ideals, and to promote the values of faith, personal responsibility, family, and limited government."

Charlottesville Republican Committee | (434) 296-7474 | gopweb@allhookedup.mailshell.com

League of Women Voters of Charlottesville/Albemarle

This nonpartisan group studies local, state, and national aspects of government and takes an active part in local issues. It also provides objective nonpartisan information on voting and registration. Student membership $25 a year. Monthly meetings. The League of Woman Voters of Charlottesville/Albemarle are dedicated to helping voters, encouraging involvement of all citizens, representing the public, stimulating cooperative planning, improving schools, protecting the environment, and speaking out on political issues.

League of Women Voters of Charlottesville/Albemarle | 1:30-4:30 Tuesday & Thursday | (434) 970-1707 | 1936 Arlington Blvd., Rm. 116 | lwv@avenue.org

U.Va. Student Political Groups

Check the Student Council Server,CIO Central, for a list of all student groups, including a listing by category that allows you to look up political groups.