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Hazing has no place in the University experience.

For Families

Parents are integral partners in hazing prevention and education. As a student considers joining an organization or is active in the membership process, parents are an invaluable resource in preventing and addressing hazing. Below are a series of suggestions for how parents can be enlisted as partners in hazing prevention:

  • Familiarize yourself with the University definition of hazing.
  • Engage your student in conversation about his/her membership in an organization. By posing questions such as “What type of activities are involved with this organization?”  and “What are the expectations of joining?” indicate that  you are invested and interested in your student’s co-curricular involvement and can provide a window into the membership experience.
  • Take note of changes that are occurring with your student. While college is a time of growth and change, parents can help in assessing if their student has changed appearances, seems deprived of sleep, or is anxious about joining an organization.
  • When in doubt, enlist University resources and ask questions. The Office of the Dean of Students is available to support parents and students who have questions about their student’s involvement in various organizations.
  • Report concerns of hazing. The University is best positioned to respond to hazing concerns when we receive accurate, timely, and factual information. Parents are able to report hazing  via our online form or by calling the Hazing Hotline (434-243-HAZE).