DESCRIPTION: The biggest movie of all time is in trouble before it’s even released. Shooting starts in a week, and you have no script. So what’s a legendary producer to do?

Director Victor Fleming (David Cupp) and Producer David O. Selznick (Steven Levine) act out the birthing scene from Gone With the Wind for Playwright Ben Hecht (Robert Porter) as Miss Poppenghul (Daria T. Okugawa) takes notes in Heritage Theatre Festival’s Moonlight and Magnolias.  Ron Hutchinson’s fabulous farce is a behind-the-scenes, off-the-wall comedy that proves in Hollywood, the ends always justify the means.  Directed by Douglas Sprigg, Moonlight and Magnolias opens at Culbreth Theatre on Thursday, July 9.  The show runs July 9-11, July 28, 31 and August 5.  Tickets available online at
CREDITS: ©2009 Michael Bailey
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