2013-2014 Representatives

The Honor Committee is comprised of two Honor Representatives from each of the ten schools except the College of Arts and Sciences, which has five. The twenty-seven member Honor Committee is ultimately responsible for the maintenance and administration of the Honor System. With the help of some one hundred support officers, the Honor Committee conducts honor investigations and trials, disseminates information on the Honor System to new students and faculty, and establishes special programs and policies for the maintenance of the System from year to year.

Executive Committee

Evan Behrle, Chair
Conor O’Boyle, Vice Chair for Trials
Andi Chernau, Vice Chair for Investigations
Brittany Wengel, Vice Chair for Education
Michelle Butler, Vice Chair for Community Relations

College of Arts and Sciences

School of Engineering & Applied Science

McIntire School of Commerce

School of Nursing

School of Architecture

Curry School of Education

Joanna Will, Faculty Advisory Committee Chair
Andi Chernau

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Darden School of Business

School of Law

School of Medicine

School of Continuing & Professional Studies

Frank Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy