April 15, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Roll Call

Community Concerns

Officer Reports
Anne Russell Gregory—Vice Chair Community Relations, CLAS
Faculty Reception on Wednesday from 12-2PM in Colonnade club
30-35 faculty responses
Invited everyone who RSVPed last year
Alumni Advisory Board meeting on April 21
Professionalism presentation to support pools/Mary Margaret Frank, 7pm Sunday before committee

Mary Kidd—Vice Chair Education, CLAS
Selection of new senior support: 4 senior educators and 6 subcommittee chairs: 3 for First Year Initiative and 3 for Diversity Awareness
Google Calendar to keep committee and community informed of meetings/events/etc.
Creation of new spreadsheet to list involvements and schools for Educator pool
First Year Initiative
Meeting with Res Life
CFA Institute Speaker
Michael McMillian: Honor and Ethics; April 30th, location TBA
Darden Honor blog post

Lindsey Tumperi—Vice Chair Investigations
8 active investigations
2 reports since transition
4 CRS since transition
New senior support: 4 new advisors, 3 ICs
Presentation by Anne Russell Gregory
Presentations will become more of a regular thing, once a month, open to all committee members to attend
Standards and expectations for pools, made explicitly clear

Clifton Bumgardner—Vice Chair Trials, SEAS
Selected Senior Support: 4 new counsel, 5 new PTCs
2 trials on Saturday: A student in CLAS found guilty of cheating by a random student panel;
Another student in CLAS found guilty of cheating by a random student jury

Stephen Nash—Chair, CLAS
New format for meetings
We’ve added a community concerns section at end of meeting so community is able to comment on discussion
Removed school reports to make them more natural and frequent
Send Stephen any items to add each week
Appeals Review Committee: Mary Kidd, Clifton Bumgardner, Brooke Atkinson, Justin Pierce, Ben Elron
Standards Panel: Kaity Badlato, Nate Daugherty, Austin Sim, Katie Bachman
New Survey data
Committee will analyze and internalize; 1712 responses (almost double than that obtained in 2008)
“Honor Beyond Grounds”
Speaker series where we aim to have notable alumni speak to schools about Honor as a concept in everyday lives
2 meetings of note, families for honor and center for records management

New Business
Engagement Task Force—Stephen Nash, CLAS
Responsible for coordinating and executing engagement throughout the year, 6-9 Committee members, 3-5 rotating members; to provide fresh ideas
Mary will meet with each school representative this week to go over possible end of the year initiatives

Technology Committee
Online case processing will be completed this summer; will go into effect in the fall
Committee members: Kaity Badlato, Justin Pierce, Crystal DeJaegher
Purpose to help make everyone comfortable/familiar with system
Will open to support pools to find leaders
Will also work on website redesign

Policies and Procedures Committee
Justin Pierce, Owen Gallogly
Implemented this year to look at internal workings of the system
See where we can make improvements to make better for student/community; avoid technical errors that slow us down
Justin talked to 3 pools to recruit members
Weekly/bi-weekly meetings
Will report back to committee after meetings
Goal to have a report produced by end of fall semester to see what people find important to improve/make changes in spring if necessary

Discussion of Final Examinations Education Efforts—Mary Kidd, CLAS
Finals Push Week:
-Monday April 30th (10pm to 12am)
-Distribute coffee outside Clemons with Honor stickers on cups
-Tuesday May 1st (5pm to 8pm)
-Sponsored meal at Newcomb
-Wednesday May 2nd (9pm)
-Mellow Trivia
-Thursday May 3rd (8pm to 10pm)
-Distribute ice cream outside of Clemons (patio)
-Engage students while waiting in line
-Monday May 7th (11pm)
-Distribute sodas and energy drinks with Honor coozies in libraries
Recommendations: Have people strike up conversation/engage while serving ice cream
USB drives for LAW
Rulers for Architecture

Recommendation to the Faculty Senate for a Conscientious Retraction Addendum for a
Professor’s Syllabus—Clifton Bumgardner, SEAS
Professors usually have a course policy on syllabus; this addendum aims at getting CR
info across to students; ask professors to put this in addition to Honor policy

Code of Ethics—Stephen Nash, CLAS
Code of Ethics approved unanimously

Community Concerns

Closed Session