April 22, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Roll Call

Community Concerns
DAB members:
Transfer student issues: Students were not required to attend any of the Honor. A lot of students don’t go to summer orientation. Educators should talk about what makes Honor different from other schools. Have a speaker, possibly a dean to talk about problems they’ve seen. Talks about Honor usually very redundant.

International student issues: Wasn’t very well informed at first. Honor related materials weren’t relevant, didn’t remember them. International students aren’t very settled at the beginning, busy with other issues, don’t pay attention to Honor at beginning of the semester. Talk to students later in the semester. More visual presentations. Speak slowly so they can understand better. Introduce native speakers to translate important parts. International students often connect with international organizations—partner with these CIOs to engage with international students

Athletic student issues: Redundancy—very repetitive. More engaging. Focus on case studies. Love the sunglasses. 77 “On my Honor” plaques will go in JPJ tutoring rooms

First year student issues: Prefer smaller discussion groups. Convocation too large—didn’t drive home any key points. Garden Dinner party to generate dialogue

Officer Reports
Anne Russell Gregory—Vice Chair Community Relations, CLAS: Faculty Reception on Wednesday. Joint pool meeting this evening. Professionalism presentation. Follow-up lunch with Lucien Bass who assisted with presentation. More support officers to join Technology committee.

Mary Kidd—Vice Chair Education, CLAS: Working on a Committee Handbook for each member, Law school 1L reps, Comm block mentors, and any other school who can tweak it. Google Calendar. Met with most schools, still need to meet with 4 schools. Commerce Council-Honor Coffee Final Break. Wednesday, April 25th 1:45-? Cheat Sheets, pens, coffee, munchkins. 5 people to bring coffee to Comm School and man tables. Architecture Coffee Final Break. 1-2 people needed to bring coffee to A-School 10 PM? Darden Event: Monday April 30th, 1:30-2:30 PM. Michael McMillian, CFA Institute. Will speak on how to apply your own honor code and ethical framework to navigate ethical dilemmas you may face during your summer internship or new job. Send to Comm List Serve. College Finals Push.

Lindsey Tumperi—Vice Chair Investigations, CLAS: Two reports were taken this week. Two I-Panels this week. Four active investigations.

Clifton Bumgardner—Vice Chair Trials, SEAS: No upcoming trials. Expedited appeal brief. Trials will begin scheduling for early fall within the next few weeks.

Stephen Nash—Chair, CLAS: Alumni Advisory Committee. Former Chairs, Honor alumni. Structure of new group, engagement ideas and feedback. Emphasize the benefits of Honor and tie into the ethical framework of Honor. Honor Beyond Grounds. Preparing lists of potential speakers. Honor merchandise coming in the next few weeks. Survey results will be public in the fall. Engagement Campaign Task Force. Rob Harrell, SEAS; Katie Shiermeyer, SCPS; Mary Kidd, CLAS; Taylor Richardson, SCC; Taylor Morris; Eric McDaniel, Director of Marketing for Student Council; Andrew Colberg, IFC President; Hillary Hurd, Student member of the Board of Visitors.

New Business
Final Examinations Education Efforts—Mary Kidd, CLAS
Monday, April 30th: Honor Serves Newcomb
Tuesday, May 1st: Ice Cream at Clemons
Wednesday, May 2nd: Mellow Trivia Night
Thursday, May 3rd: Coffee at Clemons
Monday, May 7th: Soda and Energy drink Giveaway

Honor Committee Informational Sheet—Mary Kidd, CLAS
Confidentiality clause should be added
Match CR verbiage with verbiage in syllabi going out to professors—softer and more inviting
Send school-specific information and numbers for each school to Mary ASAP
School representative contact information on back of each card
Incentivize cards to bring to events
Partner with different vendors for coupons/food/etc.

Website Development—Anne Russell Gregory, CLAS
Goal is to have completed by end of summer
Proposal needs to be in no later than mid-May
Post comments
Post videos from Mock Trials
Cater to different groups viewing website
Posting videos on YouTube
Eric McDaniel will help create Facebook
Twitter page
Create a link from main Virginia page to Honor—less clicks
Expand the FAQ section

Honor Committee Module—Stephen Nash, CLAS
Beneficial to all students—a refresher on Honor and its presence on grounds
Greater impact by expanding to all years

Honor Policy for Faculty Syllabus—Clifton Bumgardner, SEAS
Break it up so it doesn’t look as dense/hard to read
Adding bullet points to summarize paragraph and get the high points
Condense the first paragraph

Policies and Procedures—Justin Pierce, CLAS
Making a CR online on new website
Leadership Forum
Co-Sponsorships with small and large organizations
Student Council, Class Council co-sponsorships
UPC interested in co-sponsoring key speakers
Sustained Dialogue
Homecomings Committee in the fall

Community Concerns

Closed Session