• 2015-2016 Committee and Executive Committee Announced

    On Thursday, March 19, the final members of the 2015-2016 Honor Committee were appointed.  The Committee members are:

    Caroline Herre, School of Architecture
    Katharine Graham, School of Architecture
    Matthew Comey, Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy
    Victoria Tran, Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy
    Grace Muth, College of Arts & Sciences
    Russell Bogue, College of Arts & Sciences
    Emily Snow, College of Arts & Sciences
    VJ Jenkins, College of Arts & Sciences
    Martese Johnson, College of Arts & Sciences
    Avery Rasmussen, McIntire School of Commerce
    Faith Lyons, McIntire School of Commerce
    Laura Ochs, Curry School of Education
    Jessica Drews, Curry School of Education
    Olivia Sabik, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
    Alison Mehlsak, Darden School of Business
    Cabell Rosanelli, Darden School of Business
    Austin Sim, School of Law
    Michelle Butler, School of Law
    Monica Melmer, School of Medicine
    Adam Buckholz, School of Medicine
    Maggie Rossberg, School of Nursing
    Shannon McDonald, School of Nursing
    Mayra Cardenas, School of Continuing & Professional Studies
    Landon Wilkins, School of Continuing & Professional Studies
    Sarah Rogers, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
    Katherine Kamis, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

    During the weekend of March 20-22, the newly-elected 2015-2016 Honor Committee attended a 3-day retreat where they trained for their new roles and selected the 2015-2016 Executive Committee.  Congratulations to the new Chair and Vice Chairs:

    Chair-Elect: Faith Lyons (COMM)
    Vice Chair for Trials-Elect: Russell Bogue (CLAS)
    Vice Chair for Investigations-Elect: Avery Rasmussen (COMM)
    Vice Chair for Education-Elect: Caroline Herre (ARCH)
    Vice Chair for Community Relations-Elect: VJ Jenkins (CLAS)

    To read more about the newly-elected Executive Committee, click this link to a Cavalier Daily article published on March 24, 2015.

    The 2015-2016 Committee will formally transition on Sunday, April 5, 2015.


  • Elections Results Announced


    The 2015 University elections results have been announced!  Click HERE to view information about Honor Committee results, and HERE to view a full list of UBE Elections results.

    The Cavalier Daily: Honor Committee Reflects on Newly Elected Members (Jenna Dickerson, 3/1/2015)

  • Honor Committee Prepares to Respond to Referenda

    In their weekly open meeting on Sunday, February 8, the Honor Committee discussed its response to the three student-sponsored referenda that comprise the Campaign for Self-Governance.  To read the Cavalier Daily article covering that discussion, click the link below.  To read the Committee Meeting Minutes from Sunday, click HERE.

    Honor Committee discusses multi-sanction possibility
    by Jenna Dickerson
    Published February 9, 2015

    UPDATE:  To read a full listing of  Honor Committee members’ responses to each of the referenda, click HERE.

    More information about the 2015 Elections can be found on the Honor Committee website at

  • University-Wide Elections Beginning Soon

    Interested in being a member of the Honor Committee? The University Board of Elections will be hosting the 2015 University Elections in February.

    UBE will be hosting the first of three candidate information sessions this week (session schedule below);  all students interested in running for a position during the Spring 2015 elections must attend one information sessions. All students can run for the Committee, regardless of whether or not they have any formal experience with the Honor System. For more information about the candidate process, please visit this link and visit the 2015 Elections page of the Honor Committee web site.

    Information Session 1: Tuesday, January 20, 7:00-8:00, Newcomb Hall Gallery

    Information Session 2: Thursday, January 22, 6:00-7:00, Newcomb Hall Kaleidoscope

    Information Session 3: Sunday, January 25, 7:00-9:00, Newcomb Hall Kaleidoscope


  • Committee Responds to Sexual Assault at U.Va.

    In the wake of the Rolling Stone article published on November 19, the Honor Committee has released a statement, which can be read HERE.

    The Committee also spoke with President Sullivan about their response, who attended their November 23 meeting along with Vice President for Student Affairs Patricia Lampkin.  To read the Cavalier Daily’s coverage of that meeting, click HERE.

  • Welcome, New Support Officers!

    On Friday, September 19, the members of the Honor Committee and Senior Support Officers selected and welcomed 41 undergraduate and graduate students as its newest Support Officers!  Thanks to improved outreach efforts and selection processes, this year’s applicant pool was especially competitive, and the newly selected class of Support Officers is rich in experiences, perspectives, knowledge and skills.  All new Support Officers will now begin an eight-week training program that provides them with information and training on Honor Committee policies, practices, procedures, and skills that will help them be successful in their support of the System and the University community.

  • Honor Committee Involves Students in New Interview Process

    September 15, 2014

    This September, the Honor Committee made changes to its Support Officer recruitment and selection process.  After increasing outreach efforts during the recruitment period, the Committee also invited community members to participate in its selection interviews, in an effort to include diverse community perspectives.  To read more about the new interview process, click the Cavalier Daily article, published on Monday September 15th, below.

    Honor Committee involves students in new interview process

  • Honor Committee Introduces “Everyone is Honor” Campaign

    September 14, 2014

    Recently, Vice Chair for Community Relations Martese Johnson introduced the “Everyone is Honor” campaign as an effort to better connect the Committee and the University community.  To read more about the the campaign, read the Cavalier Daily article below from September 15, 2014.

    “Everyone is Honor” campaign seeks to increase community participation

  • Minority Rights Coalition, Honor pool feedback for minority issues

    September 5, 2014

    The Honor Committee and Minority Rights Coalition held a forum Thursday, September 4 on issues affecting minority student populations at the University. Students from several Minority Rights Coalition organizations joined in the discussion, which included both small round-table discussions and large-group discussion.  Topics addressed included perception of the Honor Committee, trust and engagement in the system, and minority representation among both Committee members and support officer pool members.  To read more about the discussion, refer to the Cavalier Daily article below.

    Minority Rights Coalition, Honor pool feedback for minority issues

  • Honor Committee Changes Meeting Structure

    January 27, 2014

    Beginning Sunday, February 2, 2014*, the Honor Committee will institute a change to its meeting structure. On February 2nd, and every other Sunday thereafter, the Committee will meet in small working groups in the trial room, rather than as a full Committee. These working groups will be open to the public and welcome public participation. On the intervening Sundays, the full Committee will meet as usual, and working groups will update the full Committee on progress made. To read more about the working group structure and the groups themselves, please refer to the Cavalier Daily articles below.

    Honor Changes Meeting Schedule

    Honor Task Forces Chosen

    *Please note that the meeting on February 2nd will occur at a different time, 3:00 p.m., rather than at 8:00 p.m. All other working group meetings will take place at 8:00 p.m. as usual.