September 2, 2012 Committee Meeting

Roll Call

Community Concerns

Officer Reports
Anne Russell Gregory, Vice Chair for Community Relations: New Honor website to debut next week, finishing up work with Brandon Wooten.

Lindsey Tumperi, Vice Chair for Investigations: 14 active investigations; 2 i-panels this coming week.

Clifton Bumgardner, Vice Chair for Trials: Support Officer Orientation today. 3 trials this month, will need volunteers for a few of those positions. One mixed jury panel.

Stephen Nash, Chair: Good orientation today. Providing a more engaging and worthwhile experience for Support Officers will be one of the major goals for the year.

Subcommittee Reports
Faculty Advisory Committee: 4:30 Thursday will be first meeting in the Trial Room.

Policies and Procedures: Sunday nights at 6:00 p.m. A ranking system will go out over email tonight to narrow the discussion topics. Want to discuss the most important topics first. There will be a running email discussion throughout the week between meetings on the listserv. Will release a preliminary report in October. Record of discussion and written opinions.

Engagement Campaign Task Force: First meeting will be this week.

Diversity Advisory Board: Recruitment is underway for new membership. First interest meeting will be at 5 p.m. on September 11th. Hope to also do Flash seminars and partner with sustained dialogue.

Technology Committee: Online case processing is complete and Support Officers are transitioning cases online. New website is about to be up and running.

New Business
Summer Review: Statement released in June regarding actions of the Board of Visitors. Generally very positive feedback from this statement. Worked with Faculty Senate on releasing the Honor Policy Statement for syllabi. Got good information on there about the Conscientious Retraction. Prompted some good conversations with faculty members about the CR policy. Clifton and Lindsey worked hard to improve training materials.

Roundtable Event: Tuesday September 11 in Old Cabell Hall at 3:30 p.m. Sullivan, Cohen, Levenson, Hurd, and Nash will be on the panel, which will be moderated by Dean Groves. Students will sign up for tickets ahead of time. We are also asking students to submit questions for the discussion. The event will be videocast on the Honor website after the event is finished.

Support Officer Recruitment: Information sessions Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Community Concerns

Closed Session