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Conference Assistant (CA)

The Summer Conference Assistant (CA) will work for Housing and Residence Life Conference Services. The CA will perform a wide variety tasks including helping to run check-ins and check-outs, staffing program events, preparing room keys and dining cards, inspecting guest rooms, and answering phones and guest questions. CAs will also staff on-call teams that will respond to after-hours emergencies.

Hours Worked

A CA agrees to live "in residence" and work anywhere from 30-40/week. This includes shifts in the Conference Service's Office which is open from 8am-8pm, Sunday through Saturday as well as a rotating on-call shift between the hours of 8:00pm and 8:00am.

CAs may not commit to any other engagements that would interfere with their work during the summer conference season (Monday, May 12, 2014 - Sunday, August 10, 2014).


  • Summer stipend (paid bi-weekly) – To Be Discussed Further During Interview
  • Single occupancy, air-conditioned room provided at no cost.


The successful staff member will possess strong critical thinking and problem solving skills, demonstrate initiative, communicate effectively, have a positive attitude, and have a keen attention to detail. No prior experience is required.

  • The CA agrees to attend all aspects of summer staff training including several training sessions from mid-March to late April with a time commitment of no more than three hours per week.
  • The CA must have a valid U.S. Driver’s License.


Applications will be available in December 2013.

Conference Assistant (CA) Application

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