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Planning Checklist

Need help? Our experts can assist with all of the Action Items below so that you don't have to worry about these logistical concerns. Request a free consultation to find out more.

If you're planning an event on your own, our printable checklist may be helpful:

Event dates: to
Action Items Items Due to Conference Services

Nine Months Prior to Event

  • Determine event date(s), keeping in mind existing UVA events
  • Identify sponsors for the event
  • Recruit speakers and presenters
  • Develop budget
  • Reserve housing or hotel arrangements for guests
  • Conference Information Form

Eight Months Prior to Event

  • Develop marketing plan
  • $1000.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve space for your event

Six Months Prior to Event

Four Months Prior to Event

  • Post schedule / agenda on event website
  • Identify catering, media, rental, security, parking and other service needs
  • Arrange tours of Grounds or area attractions

Three Months Prior to Event

  • Send invitations and publicity materials
  • Select menus for meals and refreshment breaks

Two Months Prior to Event

  • Design program, signage and other printed materials
  • Order gifts, awards or promotional items
  • Contract individual vendors for service requests
  • Obtain approval for serving alcohol, if applicable
  • Signed Conference Services contract
  • Proposed service requests

Thirty Days Prior to Event

  • Confirm service requests with vendors
  • Finalize equipment setup times and specifics
  • Update event website
  • Discontinue online registration
  • Prepare accommodations for any guests with disabilities or special needs
  • Print program and signage
  • Confirmation of service requests
  • 30-day meal count guarantee

Two Weeks Prior to Event

  • Finalize schedule of events
  • Update event website
  • Provide logistical details to speakers and guests
  • Schedule of events
  • Two-week meal count guarantee

One Week Prior to Event

  • Print name badges, participant lists and certificates
  • Roster of any guests staying in on-Grounds housing

First Day of the Event

  • Arrive at least two hours prior to event
  • Post signage
  • Set up check-in/registration tables
  • Check event facilities and media equipment

One Day After Event Begins

  • Final roster of on-Grounds housing guests

Last Day of the Event

  • Set up check-out location
  • Coordinate facility cleanup and return of rental equipment

One Month After Event Ends

  • Take website offline
  • Hold post-event evaluation
  • Reconcile final expenditures
  • Final bill will be sent by Conference Services. Any discrepancies must be submitted in writing to Conference Services within two weeks.

Two Months After Event Ends

  • Final bill payment