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Balz-Dobie & Watson-Webb Heating and Cooling Units

The heating and cooling units in Balz-Dobie and Watson-Webb are very easy to operate and will provide comfortable space conditions if set correctly.

FOR COOLING AND HEATING: The rooms are equipped with a Fan Coil Unit (FCU) that provides both heating and cooling. It is programmed to maintain a comfortable temperature of about 72° F (22° C).

To make the room a little warmer or cooler, adjust the temperature up or down with the slide on the wall sensor by the door. (Pictured to the left)

It's best to leave the wall sensor some room to breathe. Avoid putting anything that generates heat (i.e. refrigerators or computers) too close or blocking it with furniture, as this may cause it to register the room as too hot or cold.

Balz-Dobie and Watson-Webb are green! They have been designed to be energy efficient. Fresh filtered, outdoor air is supplied to your room via the small white grille on the corridor wall by an Energy Recovery Unit that transfers extra heat (in the winter) or cold (in the summer) from the building exhaust air back into the air that's fed to your room.